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Sins of Your Father

Dr. Patricia Moore was twelve years old when she turned in her own father Clayton Hicks, aka The Postal Poet after it was discovered he was a serial killer. That was twenty years ago. It’s now the anniversary of those killings and a copycat has started the spree again in the same small Texas town. This time, they are targeting Dr. Moore. As the case unravels, it’s discovered that this copycat was a victim of Hicks and is out for revenge. But they aren’t working alone.

Dr. Moore must face her darkest fears in order to stop the killers this time before they take everything she has, including her kidnapped daughter. Does she have the strength and courage to overcome another serial killer in her life?

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I graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1995 with a degree in English. I attended ScreenwritingU Master Class and am a fellow alum, as well as friends on Facebook. I have published one novel: The Man Who Went to Heaven and written two other screenplays: Rich (true story based on a novel under contract) and Attached (paranormal thriller).

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