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Sinnerman – TV Series
Sinnerman explores the life of a wanted, hated and loathed slave
who accidentally becomes the most feared outlaw the south has ever known.
Sinnerman begins in 1858 on a large plantation in the heart of Mississippi in the blistering autumn. Unlike most spaghetti westerns, this isn’t a Tarantino clone. We follow our anti-hero, Red, a slave who is subjected to horrific treatment by slave overseers, and who has a dying passion for freedom. On his quest to escape, he talks his fellow slaves (Jackson, Bass, Finn, Goldsby, Toby and Daniel), into leaving with him and they spring a plan into action. Unfortunately, Red’s hot-headed behaviour puts them all in jeopardy as he kills a slave overseer as they escape the plantation.
Discovering the missing slaves and the death of one of his workers, Clay Hilton (The plantation owner) sets a bounty on the heads of the runaway slaves. However, this couldn’t have come at a worse time for Clay as he is in a lethal competition with a fellow plantation owner (Francis Woodmore). With the tension rising between the two family factions, war strikes as slaves, family members and friends are murdered on their own plantation grounds.
Caught in the middle of the fighting we find a house slave, Hany. A sweet, young slave girl who is mistreated, abused and raped on a daily basis by a cruel, cold hearted slave overseer, Gaz. As the abuse continues, Hany falls pregnant with his child. Ashamed and scarred, she overdoses on opium and is taken straight to the doctor who brings her round. The baby is not so lucky. As Hany works her way back to her feet, Gaz finds out she terminated the baby and the abuse gets worse. Fed up and angered, Hany murders Gaz in his sleep and takes off to a nearby town, where she gets work as a field hand to a loving ranch owner.
As Red continues to be hunted, him and the group plan a robbery on a horse ranch, owned by Bill Jackson, a notorious gun slinger who once snaked out his friends for freedom and feels guilty. Bill, aware of the robbery lets them do it anyway. Later into the night, Bill confronts the slaves and it doesn’t take him long to figure out they’re fugitives. Sympathetic to their cause, Bill helps them plan a larger scale robbery of a passenger train. With the robbery a success, Red, Bill and the others celebrate at the saloon, but it doesn’t take long before it turns sour. In the brawl, two of Red’s closest friends are lynched in the middle of town. With an undying passion for vengeance, Red seeks revenge on the town, burning and shooting his way through everyone and everything. Unknowingly, Hany’s beloved Ranch owner is murdered in the massacre and seeks revenge alongside the sheriff, deputies, Clay and other fugitive bandits.
The series is a gritty, realistic, cowboy extravaganza, filled with emotional moments that will make you cry, and moments that will make you laugh. this is no typical highly-strung, CG defining, unrealistic, basic spaghetti western. This is a unique and stylish adventure of what life was like in 19th century America.

  • Benjamin Field
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    Television Script
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    Western, crime, action-adventure
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    United Kingdom
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  • Wild Sound Festival Logline Winner

    September 17, 2019
    Logline winner
Writer - Benjamin Field