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30 minute dramedy about 3 single people in their mid-thirties living in Boston, MA.

  • Maureen R. Ferguson
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    Television Script
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Maureen R. Ferguson

Maureen lives in Boston, MA with her two cats. She works full time and has never been bold or brave enough to write anything before, even though it is something she has always wanted to do.
Doing her best work at the last minute, Maureen had dedicated the week of February 4, 2019 to editing and perfecting her pilot. However, she was selected for Federal jury duty. Despite the fact that she showed up in her pajamas and limping from a Super Bowl related injury, she was selected for a jury. She was then sequestered. Maureen did not want to miss this opportunity, but is feeling as if she's not even adequate.
An avid television watcher, reader and swimmer, she can now add writer to her repertoire. This is her first time writing a script.

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Writer Statement

I write because I have something important to say. I want to make others feel that they are not alone. I write based on my human experience. I have survived life thus far by finding the humor in absolutely everything. If you don't laugh, you will cry your eyes out.