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Zane Huddleston, 43 year-old Hollywood action star of the 'Abe R. Cadabra' family franchise...married to best-selling mystery author Cecile outed by a series of hacked texts and photographs exchanged with a male co-star. As Universal suspends production on the 5th installment of the anticipated blockbuster about a widowed magician and his two adopted kids, those around Zane converge to salvage his career and their own reliance on it, but at what expense?

And it's called 'Silver'. It's a proposed dramatic and adult television series for a premium channel or a network otherwise unfettered by broadcast standards and practices.

I have fully scripted the first four episodes to fully demonstrate the story arc, sly irony, a measure of darkness and commentary on celebrity. As specific as the main plot point is, 'Silver' is not wholly LGBTQ, as it crosscuts between the many people impacted by the jarring revelation: Zane's wife, his lover, the lover, his team of handlers and employees, Universal studio management, elderly father, brothers, fans and endorsements. As memories, agendas, revelations and betrayals merge it is, by season's end, also a mystery.

The pilot is about an hour; subsequent episodes are between 30-45 minutes.

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    Television Script
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    United States
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  • Monterey County Film Commission,
    Monterey CA
    Honorable Mention
  • LGBT One-In-Ten Screenwriting

  • Indie Excellence Awards
    New York New York
    1st Place
  • Next Generation Indie Book Awards
    New York New York
    First Place
  • Global EBook Awards
    Silver/2nd Place
  • Rainbow Book Awards
    Honorable Mention
  • Key West Mystery Writing Festival
    Key West FL
  • Lucille Ball Festival of Comedy
    Jamestown NY
    Honorable Mention