Silicon Beach Film Festival located in Los Angeles brings together technology and the film industry. Be apart of the Silicon Beach Film festival and get your film noticed in one of the worlds largest technology media areas (Silicon Beach Los Angeles).

2018 Silicon Beach Film Festival will be held at Cinemark 18 & XD Playa Vista at Howard Hughes HHLA.

Awards TBA

Submitting your film does not guarantee festival acceptance or screening. Acceptance into the festival does not guarantee award or prize. Submission fee's are nonrefundable. Silicon Beach Film Festival reserves the right to change our programming without notice.

Overall Rating
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    Jamon Holmes

    This festival is really great, with the whole promotional Starlenz App. That topped it off. I'm glad Peter, Jon and Sandie picked up three of my films. They were very helpful and gracious. I will submit again.

    October 2017
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    Kirk Ryde

    I had a great time at this festival from beginning to end. The Cinemark is a first-rate venue with excellent projection and sound, and I really enjoyed the networking, red carpet events and awards ceremony. The panels and Q&A's were very informative and well run, and the programming was truly inspired. The publicity spearheaded by Sandie is energized and comprehensive, and as a filmmaker you get a ton of help promoting your film. Jon and Peter are always on site to support every screening and event, and the team extends to social media specialists and local area sponsors who all contribute to an unforgettable experience. Highly recommended!

    June 2017
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    Jorge Xolalpa Jr.

    Great festival. My feature film Blue Line Station had a large audience. Thank you so much to Peter and Sandie for welcoming our film with such kindness. Looking forward to next year!

    June 2017
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    Jon and Peter are always nice and professional. Glad to know them.

    May 2017
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    Gene Desrochers

    This is a first year fest with a very conscientious programmer and staff. They worked hard to market the festival in a competitive market, west Los Angeles. I commend them for that! The owners of the festival came to the screenings and said hello each time! The theater was a nice theater, however, the entire mall around the theater was under construction so the overall venue left something to be desired. I went to three sets of screenings and the films were hit and miss. One screening featured high quality films and had a good audience. Another screening of shorts was a bit odd because it was only 3 shorts with two normal length shorts of about 10 minutes and one film, a documentary that was about 60 or 70 minutes. I expected to see more films and was a little disappointed with only three films showing. The third screening had about 9 films with 3 good ones and 3 mediocre ones and 2 poor films and 1 that was quite long (felt long) and was truly bad, not sure how it got a showing. Some poor films are expected, but when it's the longest one, it makes it hard to watch and kind of ruined the overall experience of the other good films in the set. There were networking opportunities and a nice opening night gala at a cool venue with excellent art...very Venice / Playa del Rey atmosphere. Peter, Jon, and Sandie were communicative and that is a huge plus!! I think this fest will grow in stature over time and I would enter again.

    May 2017