Only women can win the awards. The films must have been created no earlier than January 1st, 2017

THIS IS FOR A LIVE FILM AWARDS EVENT (however, we will view the main film winners, (ie. best short, best documentary, best foreign, best foreign short) before the awards are handed out.

It will be held in Henderson Kentucky, March 6-7th will show the films and may carry over to March 8th before the awards. Awards on the 8th will begin at 7pm. There will be a networking event after the awards have concluded.

FOLLOW THE RULES AND REQUIREMENTS BELOW or be disqualified and forfeit your submission fee. All requirements must be met. {At least THREE submissions must be received before an award can be given for that category. If three are not received, the film will be moved to another available category.}

Much like the Academy Awards, the Silhouette Awards will physically hand out statuettes for various categories to those women who have been chosen as winners. They will be handed out at the LIVE Awards event which will be held annually on March 8th. Our first event was in 2018

If a specific category does not receive enough submissions to consider judging, the film can and will be moved to another category for judging. Each category must receive at least 3 films each in order to have a fair chance of being judged a winner.

Submission fees are not refundable.
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Those women and films chosen as winners during the LIVE event will receive a beautiful statuette known as the Silhouette Award. The awards below are just the beginning. In the future more will be offered as the awards event grows.

1. Silhouette Awards shall be given annually to honor outstanding artistic achievements in independent short films, and to honor other achievements in life all by women.
2. Awards shall be conferred at an annual Awards ceremony that will be held yearly on March 8th. The location will be announced once nominees are chosen and notified.
3. Awards in the form of a statuette trophy of the Silhouette shall be conferred annually to women for the possible following achievements and not necessarily in this order.

Awards are ONLY handed out to the women involved.
Not every award will be handed out each year:

Performance by an actress in a leading role.
Performance by an actress in a supporting role.








Original screenplay

SPECIAL AWARDS THAT ARE OPTIONAL EACH YEAR: (given at the discretion of the award committee)

Creative Filmmaker Award
Humanitarian Award
Lifetime Achievement Award
Empowerment Award
Woman of the Year Award
Special Achievement Award

*** Note: Not all awards may be given each year. All rules of eligibility and submission information are subject to change without notice.


1. Eligibility for Silhouette Awards consideration is subject to Rules and to those special rules approved by the Awards Committee that follow. (Voting Award Process details found at:

2. All eligible Films, unless otherwise noted must be:
a. completed or subtitled in English
b. required to list ALL women and their roles in the film for which the category they are submitted for
c. can have been at a paid admission for public exhibition or advertised, a non-public exhibition or distribution (broadcast, cable, VOD, PPV, DVD distribution, or Internet transmission, and
3. Eligibility and submission rules for the foreign film award. A foreign language film is defined as a feature-length or short film produced outside the United States of America with a predominantly non-English dialogue track. To be eligible, the foreign language film must have legible English subtitles. It is not required that the film be released or shown in the United States to be eligible
4. Eligibility is contingent on the receipt by the Society of a completed Official Screen Credits (OSC) form, to be noted by the film’s producer or distributor. The OSC must be filled out completed for all women associated with the film. No need to list the men as they are not eligible to win a Silhouette Award. If you prefer to submit the OSC via email, you may inquire at for the form. This must be filled out before December 31st and submitted or else the film is ineligible.
5. Eligibility for all awards shall first be determined by credits as they appear on the screen and/or as certified to the Society by the producing companies, but final determination in any event shall be made by the Society. The Society shall not be bound by any contract or agreement relating to the sharing or giving of credit, and reserves the right to make its own determination of credit for purposes of Awards consideration.
6. In the event of any dispute concerning credits, the Society reserves the right to declare any achievement ineligible or, alternatively, to reject all claims to credit, list credits as being in controversy, and withhold any award until the dispute is resolved.
7. The alteration of changing a picture from the version originally submitted shall be subject to the risk of being declared ineligible by the Awards Committee.
8. Films from all countries shall be eligible for the awards as long as they satisfy the requirements of the rules, and contain English-language subtitles if released in a foreign language. Absence of English subtitles will deem that film ineligible.
9. Exceptions to the eligibility requirements and methods of qualifying listed in the rules are subject to change without notice and can possibly be suspended for a film the Awards Committee feels would deserve the opportunity to be judged and was not originally submitted.
10. Under no uncertain terms will a film containing any pornography of any kind be accepted for the nominating process. This will void any submission that the Nominating Committee deems inappropriate or acceptable instantly and forfeiture of submission fees.

1. The film must have been filmed or completed by midnight of December 31 for the year prior to the awards handed out. Example: If awards are handed out in 2018 the film had to be done in 2017. HOWEVER, for the inaugural event submissions completed in 2016 are also eligible.
2. Each film is not required to be involved with a film festival or distributed in any form to be eligible.
3. The Official Screen Credits form and the film’s screen credits of all role’s and positions held by women of all ages must be submitted at the time of the film’s submission.
4. A film submitted for the Silhouette Awards consideration may not be withdrawn after December 31st. If a film is withdrawn, the submitter forfeits their submission fees.

The submission shall include:
• Brief English-language synopsis of the film
• Biography, filmography and photograph of each key creative individual, lead, director, producer,
cinematographer, editor, sound, etc
• Representative film stills other than listed (good suggestions: action, dramatic moment,
technical, other)
• A poster (jpeg file) from the film’s original release
• The name of the Film Festival where the film has been accepted or won if any.
• The filmfreeway submission form completely filled out with required info and credits (failure to
do so will void your submission)
• A full PRESS Kit that includes, behind the scenes photos and information interesting to the
project and its completion.
• Last but not least, the digital copy of the film (A workable and useable link to it) OR if requested
a DVD labeled on the disk with title, director, production company, and length of film.
• Copies of original newspaper or magazine clippings advertising the film’s release if available (pdf
or jpeg is fine)
• Foreign-language entries must provide accurate, legible English-language subtitles

The Society and its affiliates shall not use such print or copy for commercial gain. Such print or copy shall be deposited with the Society and, subject to matters not within its control, shall be screened by the Society for the membership in advance of distribution of final ballots.
Silhouette Award Agreement
By submitting for a category, I do hereby acknowledge and agree to the Society Regulations regarding the Silhouette Award or the phrase Silhouette Award in any promotional material. By signing this agreement, I agree to comply with all rules and regulations put forth regarding submissions, becoming nominees, becoming winners, and accepting the Silhouette Award. I acknowledge that being a part of the awards ceremony in any role that it does not entitle me to use any copyright, trademark, or symbol of the Silhouette Awards for promotional or advertising material or that it would belong to me.
I agree that I will not sell or otherwise dispose of the award bestowed upon me unless first offering to sell it back to the Society for historical purposes for the sum of $1.00. Once the offer to sell back to the Society has been offered, the Society has thirty days to accept such offer. This agreement also includes my heirs, executors, administrators, estate, or any other person or groups acting on my behalf. Those acting on my behalf will have the right to acquire the Silhouette Award I received if it is including in my estate and is subject to the rules and regulations defined in this agreement.
In submitting a film for Silhouette Awards consideration, the film’s owners are deemed to have conveyed to the Society the right to choose excerpts from the film at the Society’s sole discretion, for incorporation into the Silhouette Awards videotaping and or telecast for the year in which the film is in competition. The owners also convey the right to use excerpts for any nonprofit purposes (strictly promotional and historical purpose) of the Society, the Society Foundation or Society webpages.
I do hereby agree and am bound by this agreement just as I have been bound by rules and regulations to which I submitted for the consideration of a nomination of a Silhouette Awards.

Overall Rating
  • Shanalyna Palmer

    It was validating to take part in the Silhouette Awards. Festivals such as this give women a platform in front of and behind the camera. I definitely recommend this festival and know that it will continue to grow as more women take the mantle and make films.

    March 2018
  • Shihyun Wang

    Great festival. I am so honor to be part of it

    March 2018