Silent Echos

During my 2023 summer abroad I studied in Barcelona, Spain. I used this opportunity to reflect on my identity and what brings me joy.

  • WIlliam Dominic Robert Moore-Jones
  • William Dominic Robert Moore-Jones
  • William Dominic Robert Moore-Jones
  • William Dominic Robert Moore-Jones
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    6 minutes 14 seconds
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    July 24, 2023
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Director Biography - WIlliam Dominic Robert Moore-Jones

Title: William Moore-Jones: From Student to Storyteller - A Biography

Meet Will, a passionate marketing and film student currently attending the University of Texas at Austin. As Will enters his senior year of college, he finds fulfillment in two distinct worlds - marketing and filmmaking.

Ever since Will was little, storytelling has fascinated him. This lifelong interest paved the way for his creative journey, leading him to study both marketing and film. Alongside his academic pursuits, Will also finds joy in competing in triathlons, a pursuit that bolsters his resilience and focus.

When not buried in books or training for a triathlon, Will seizes every opportunity to film with his friends. Collaborating on various projects, he brings stories to life, capturing moments of laughter, spontaneity, and heartfelt emotions.

As Will embraces his final year of college, he envision a future where storytelling remains at the core of their life's work. With a passion for both marketing and film, Will is determined to make a meaningful impact, touching the hearts of audiences through his creative endeavors.

With each new chapter, Will's dreams unfold, transitioning from a dedicated student to a visionary storyteller ready to make their mark on the world.

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Director Statement

Emanating from the depths of my study abroad experience and emerging from the shadows of depression, "Silent Echos" embarks on a profound and exhilarating exploration of authentic happiness. This film passionately unravels the heartwarming truth that happiness lies as a treasure within each of us, waiting to be unearthed. With an ardent artistic vision that blends the captivating beauty of nature with the vibrant pulse of city life, I am thrilled to present an immersive experience that will ignite a fire of introspection in our cherished audience. Through a symphony of evocative visuals and soul-stirring sounds, "Silent Echos" aims to inspire a joyous awakening, compelling viewers to wholeheartedly question their pursuit of happiness and embrace the boundless potential to shape their lives for the better. This extraordinary journey of self-discovery will leave hearts brimming with excitement and ignite a spark of empowerment as we unite in the pursuit of true and enduring happiness.