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  • Susmoy Chakraborty
  • Susmoy Chakraborty
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    1 minute 4 seconds
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    August 18, 2021
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Artist Biography

Susmoy Chakraborty is a musical artist & a graphic designer.

He was born in Chittagong on 18 April 2001. He has a nickname whice is Antu. His height is 5.4" & blood group is A+. He is ethnically Bangladeshi & religiously hinduism. His horoscope name is Khogopoti, cognomen is Shandillo, zodiac sign is capricorn. He grew up in the Poshchim Guzara village whice is belong to Raozan police station.

There are four members in his family. He has only one sister. They are the twin children of their parents. His father name is Shibu Chakraborty who is a doctor. His mother name is Tripty Chakraborty who is a homemaker.

He has completed his PSC (2011) from Guzara rakshakali vobani government primary school, JSC (2014) from Aburkhil Amitabha high school, SSC (2017) from Aburkhil Amitabha high school, HSC (2019) from Noapara University collage. His graduation is running yet at the same collage. His major is accounting. But, his favourite subject is english.

Music is his part of life. He said that, it’s god gifted. For that reason, he loves to singing song & making instrumental music.
He likes to do creative types of work and try to do visual contact. That's why he is always learning about graphic design & he is a professional graphic designer & freelancer also.

In his leisure time, he also enjoy hang out with his friends & relatives. Sometimes, he goes to travel with their & It gives him refreshment. He likes to watching tv as well.

His favourite persons are his parents. Favorite writer, poet & lyrical is Rabindranath tagore. Favourite colours are black & white. Favourite places are Nature & mondir. Favorite food is Biriyani, Payesh & Chocolate. Favourite Drink is sprite, pepsi & mango juice.

Finally, he is a friendly & Outspoken person. He has no jealousy. He hates liar.

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