Welcome to Sick ’n’ Wrong, the only film festival that peels back the decaying flesh of conventional cinema, cracks open the bones underneath, digs down through the fat and gristle, and rips out the throbbing black heart of film art so everyone can bask in its terrible beauty.

At Sick ’n’ Wrong, we’re not (just) about unspeakable gore, and we’re not (only) into shockingly tasteless humor—we welcome the weird, the uncategorizable, the aggressively bizarre. If you’re an indie filmmaker, and your work makes the traditional festivals cringe or shake their heads in confusion, then Sick ’n’ Wrong is probably your true home.

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Winning filmmakers will receive custom sculpted statuettes. Awards will be given in the following categories:

Best Movie
Best Story
Best Performance
Best Music
Best Special Effects
Audience Favorite—voted on in real time by the attendees

Plus two more in these Sick ’n’ Wrong–specific categories:

Sickest—for the most viscerally gut-wrenching visuals
Wrongest—for the most horrifically inappropriate story content!

Sick ’n’ Wrong accepts submissions exclusively through FilmFreeway. All submissions must have been completed after December 31, 2016.

You also have to acknowledge and agree to this legal stuff:

1. You have read and understood all the rules and terms and do fully comply with them.
2. Your film is not subject to any litigation, nor is it threatened by any litigation.
3. You possess all the necessary rights to submit your film to the festival (including the full rights to the use all of the music in the film).
4. You indemnify and hold harmless the Sick ’n’ Wrong Film Festival as well as its directors, judges, and sponsors and anyone affiliated with the festival of any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney’s fees and costs of the court) that may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening film entered, or any other claim resulting from your entry.
5. You grant the Sick ’n’ Wrong Film Festival the right to use any still images or excerpts from the film, as well as any titles, written copy, and/or other information included with the film submission, for promotional purposes.
6. You give permission for the Sick ’n’ Wrong Film Festival to screen the film at the 2018 Sick ’n’ Wrong Film Festival. (Any future screenings will only be done with your permission.)

Overall Rating
  • I have regrettably not been able to attend yet, but admiring everything Stephen and Sick n’ Wrong do from afar they are one of my favorite genre festivals.

    They stay incredibly active and entertaining on social media and Stephen is a delight to communicate with.

    Above all they truly have a passion for the weirdest material independent film has to offer and promote/support the films others might be afraid to accept.

    February 2018
  • Giulio Ciancamerla

    I couldn't attend events but they have a very good communication so I can say Sick 'n' Wrong Film Festival is one of my favourite film festival!
    Scheduling is amazing!

    January 2018
  • I wasn't able to attend, but the online presence and communication from Steven and the team was really strong - an important aspect of establishing any sort of legitimacy in these events! Sooo glad niche festivals like SNW are still around. I hope to have more chances to submit next year! Thanks very much for your sick and wrong hard work!

    January 2018
  • Ariel Hansen

    Wasn't able to make it in person, but the communication was great and it looked like they held some fun events for the film makers who could attend the festival.

    November 2017
  • I was so happy to have my film included here! A very needed venue to bring together a very hideous bunch of films. I say that lovingly. Thanks so much Sick 'n' Wrong!
    <3 Daniel

    November 2017