The Sick World Festival aims to be a festival that focuses on strange, and unconventional filmmaking.

We look for movies from backyard filmmakers who shot their film with whatever they had on hand, from consumer grade camcorders to iPhones.

If you've never made a movie or always wanted to then this is a good excuse to make one, I find the most interesting films can come from people with zero experience. Why not just write a script and take your phone and make something? Chances are it will be amazing! This is the time to do it!

All we ask is that your movie be strange, passionate, and beautiful. We want something that the world has never seen before.

It doesn't matter if your technique is raw, if your audio is off, as long as you give us a challenging and transgressive piece of work. Something that will spit in the face of traditional notions of cinema.

If you feel your film fits this description then you are encouraged to submit.

If you vibe with what I'm saying then you probably made something I'd want for the festival.

This event will be hosted at the 14 Pews Theater in Houston at an all day marathon screening.

Three features will be selected, and ten shorts.

Feature length between 50-90 Minutes

Shorts between 3-15 Minutes.

We prefer filmmakers who are able to attend the event in person, you are welcome to sell merch at the event such as DVDs or t-shirts.

The event will also feature a candy buffet along with other fun snacks and sodas. You are allowed to bring your own beer or alcohol and there is an outdoor area to the theater if you need to get a breath of fresh air.

The venue is located in the heart of Houston's art district and close to many great restaurants, bars, and museums.

All three feature selections will receive a two hundred and fifty dollar prize along with having their movie screened live at the event.

All shorts will receive a fifty-dollar prize and have their movie screened live at the event.

All winners will also receive a Sick World t-shirt.

All winners in all categories will get an official Delta Burke Sick World Film Festival Trophy as pictured in our photos section.

Screenplay winners will get a trophy, a shirt, and have their script made into a film by a local underground filmmaker.

Movie submissions must be between 50-90 minutes long for features.

Short submissions should be 3-15 minutes in length.

All submissions must have a poster.

Filmmakers should be willing to attend the event in person and talk about their film.

Must be able to send in a DVD or Blu Ray of the film.

Preference will be given to filmmakers who can attend the event in person.

So please write in your entry whether you can attend in person or not.

Festival organizers will be willing to advise you on decent hotels in the area.

The event attendance is limited to 101 for screening seating.

The venue also has a backyard with seating.