Sick Girl

Lydia Wagner was ordinary. And then, something in her snapped.

Suddenly, she wasn't normal anymore. She was vulnerable. Exposed. Lydia was sick.

"Sick Girl" follows Lydia's story as a teenager struggling to embrace, rather than deny, her growing Von Hippel Lindau syndrome brain tumors. Based off of the writer's own experience with her first brain surgery, Lydia's storyline in "Sick Girl" is one of emotional honesty and learning to embrace the support systems that surround her; whether it's Will Endicott for swim or learning to rebuild a bond with her parents, Lydia slowly learns that being vulnerable is not a weakness.

"Sick Girl" also touches upon the idea that some things aren't treatable with medication or surgery. One's emotional wellness is equally as important as that of physical health.

Lydia's life is easily no fantasy. But even if it isn't, that's ok.

Besides, the side effects may vary anyway.

  • Karli Wallace
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    Student, Screenplay
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    Coming of Age, VHL, Sick Girl
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    United States
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Writer - Karli Wallace