Since its foundation in 1991, the biennial Sichuan TV Festival(SCTVF) has been held for 15 editions and developed into an international cultural exchange that enjoys high attention from various film and TV institutions all over the world as well as an important trading platform for international and domestic film and TV programs and equipment. The Festival has played a vital role in strengthening international cultural exchange and cooperation, promoting the “Going Global” of Chinese excellent traditional culture and enhancing the development of broadcasting industry.

Competition Category
(a) Documentary (
1. Best Short Documentary (within 30 minutes, with 30-minute included)
2. Best Long Documentary (longer than 30 minutes)
3. Best Documentary Series (more than 3 episodes, with 3 included)
4. Best Web Documentary
5. Best Director
6. Best Cinematography
7. Best Editing
8. Asian Production Award
(b) TV Drama (
1. Best Long Drama Series
2. Best Short Drama Series (Within 12 episodes, with 12 included)
3. Best Director
4. Best Screenplay
5. Best Cinematography
6. Best Actor
7. Best Actress
8. Best Supporting Actor
9. Best Supporting Actress
10. Best Long Web Drama
11. Best Short Web Drama (within 12 episode, with 12 included)
(c) Animation (
1. Best Animated Feature Film
2. Best Animated Short Film
3. Best Animated Series
4. Best Web Animated Film
5. Best Animated Image
6. Best Visual Effect
7. Best Student Work

(a) The Selected Films will receive a certificate issued by the organizing committee.
(b) Representatives of nominated works will be invited to attend the award ceremony and receive a certificate issued by the organizing committee.
(d) Representatives of the winning works will be invited to attend the award ceremony and receive the award certificate and trophy issued by the organizing committee.

I.Rules for Participation
(a) Time Limit
Works finished during July 1 2019 to July 31, 2021
(b) Requirements for Submission
1.Categories for Entries: Documentary, Film, TV Drama, Animation
2.Any individual or institution that submits the work should possess the copyright of the work.
3.The parties of co-producers should determine one party as the submitter.
4. No entry fee is needed for participation in the competition.

II. Application Procedure
(a) Please visit the Sichuan TV Festival website ( to download the application form and fill out the application form as required and ensure accurate information and true content.
(b) A brief introduction of the work. An electronic version of the synopsis in English and Chinese within 400 words should be provided for each work.
(c) Prepare relevant stills or posters. For each entry, please provide at least two electronic stills or posters in JPEG or GIF format (individual file no less than 3M) with different images, as well as stills or posters of male and female leads and male and female supporting characters. All photos or posters will be used for publicity related to the competition.
(d) Electronic versions of the application form(with signature), synopsis and stills must be provided to the Sichuan TV Festival office by August 20, 2021.
(e) Please send your program via online links before August 31, 2021.

III. Material Requirements
(a) The works should be submitted in MP4 or MOV format (resolution 1080P or above).
(b) The work should be in English version. If English version cannot be provided, the English text with screen content and time cues can also be accepted.
(c) The length of the film should be at least 70 minutes.
(d) At least three episodes including the first, middle and last of documentary series, animation series and TV dramas should be provided.
(e) Please provide a trailer with a length no longer than 5 minutes for promotion.
(f) All submitted works shall not contain any interstitial advertisement, broadcast platform logo, corner mark, scrolling bar and other contents not related to the program.

IV. Screening
(a) Participants may provide clips for the promotion of their works, if not, the organizing committee has the right to use the clips of the works within 5 minutes for free for TV and Internet promotion.
(b) With the consent of the participants, the Organizing Committee will select some of the outstanding works for on-site promotional screenings during the Sichuan TV Festival, as well as related screenings for public interests, or online showings on official websites and designated websites.

V. Acceptance
(a) Anyone who applies for the "Gold Panda" Awards shall be deemed to have acknowledged and accepted these regulations.
(b) The Organizing Committee is responsible for revising and interpreting these rules and regulations, and the final right of interpretation shall belong to the Organizing Committee.