We love technology and we love originality. We love our Indian roots and we love our world exposure. We love Indian films and we love global cinema. So, at Shunya, we are committed to creating a digital platform and inspire the makers to bring in the best of stories and characters from across the world. Why do we want to do it? It's simple. There is a great need for it. With the growing technologies, the world in indeed "coming closer" online and audiences are intrigued by films from around the world.

Why Shunya?
Shunya also pronounced as Shoonya in the mathematical context means 'Zero' and is one of India's biggest mathematical contribution to the world by Indian mathematician-astronomer Aryabhata around 498 AD.

We accept all kind of films from any year. You can submit your entry in the following categories:
Short Films
Animation Films
Documentary Films
Music Video
Web Series
LGBT Films
Short Films and Documentaries (up to 45 minutes) are accepted irrespective of the year of making.

Best Short Film
Best Animation Film
Best Documentary Film
Best Music Video
Best Web Series
Best LGBT Film

Best Director
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best DOP
Best Music

Shunya International Online Film Festival is divided into two parts:
In the Bi-Monthly Competition, each month our team selects the winners through private screenings.
Our team selects 6 finalists, which are nominated for Film of the Month award. The 6 finalists will then qualify for the Annual Festival.
All participants will receive a digital Participation Certificate which you can print anywhere, ready for print.
All Bi-Monthly Winners will also receive a Free Digital Certificate, ready for print.

Once a year, every December, we will select the best short films from the 6 finalists of every two months.
In December 2020, we will organise a Film Award Ceremony to award our Best of the Year entries and Film makers.

We understand that your films can't be available online. We don't put your film on our website even if you are a winner. At the most, we may provide a link to your TRAILER.
If your film is a finalist, it can be eligible for any of the awards as listed at the festival. It will not necessarily be in the same category that made you a winner earlier.
If your film can't be available online, just send us an email or mention that in the cover letter when submitting.

Rules & Terms
- Only online Submission will be accepted through FilmFreeway.
- After a film has been selected and the filmmaker is notified, the film will be listed on the festival website under official selections until festival is over. Irrespective of whether it wins any awards or not.
- By submitting to the Festival you confirm that you own the rights of the film and you agree to allow your project to be shown by the SIOFF – Shunya International Online Film Festival.
- Your name and information about your project may be used for promotion.
- Filmmakers competing in this festival that wishes that their films are not shown films online, can submit their films into the trailer/teaser category. Judges will award the best films through private screenings.
- All selected films will remain on our website for as long as the festival is in existence.
- Please note that you can request to delete or update your link every time you need.
- Submissions in languages other than English must be subtitled in English.
- Multiple entries are allowed. You can submit more than one film to the same category or different Category.
- We accept all kind of films.
- The film production could be from any year.
- Each entry will be accompanied by non-refundable fees. No Checks are accepted to pay submission fees, only online payment through FilmFreeway
- Entrance fee is non-refundable. Entries will not be processed without entry fee payment.
- The festival has the right to disqualify or remove any winning film for any reasons, without having to explain the reasons to the submitter.
- The Festival reserves the right to make any necessary changes in regulations or scheduling.
- Please note that you will have to pay separate charges for Postage & Courier for Trophies / Mementos / Certificate etc. for the annual edition (Internationally- USD$ 50 each / Within India - Rs. 400/-)
- The festival authorities will have the right to retain film copies of each film and the material send as part of our festival library & can be screened in for Education, promotion, awareness & non-commercial purposes.
- The decision of jury members will be final and accepted by all.
- The Festival is open to everyone. If you’re under 18, you will need to include a parent’s name and contact info.

Overall Rating
  • As, a film festival experience, Shunya International Online Film Festival goes a step beyond in how and what they present to the filmmakers and viewers as the ultimate experience. Being in challenging times because of COVID they made the festival experience even though virtual feel like you were attending live. With, Virtual filmmaker mixers and Virtual Q&A’s the dialogue about the filmmaking process never stopped. They really championed every film and filmmaker by coordinating with them and keeping them posted – in short, they are, without a doubt, a step above. Community and collaboration is a huge part of any festival and you really felt a part of an amazing team. Thank you to the hard-working Shunya team for an event well done! What are you waiting for? Submit!

    September 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for your owsum response sir

  • Thanks for selecting my film "Yours Unfaithfully" as best film, it was a pleasure to be part of your film festival. Your prompt reply and excellent communications skills are impressive. I would love to send my short film to your prestigious festival again.

    May 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Manju for your kind words... Looking forward to your new films in our future editions...

  • Nice Festival, I would like to send my film next year too !

    March 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thanks TWSP for your kind words... Looking forward to your new films in our future editions...

  • Abhishek Rajput

    Wonderful Festival, Excellent Communication Skills & A Great Jury
    Im more than happym, escalated and feel on top of the world as my film AASIMAA won the Best Short Film (Social Issues) Award. Cheers & Keep up the good work.
    And all those wondering if you should send your films to this festival, I would say - Dont think twice.. Who knows you might emerge a winner Just Like Me.

    March 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Abhishek for your kind words... We look forward to your new films in the future editions of the festival.

  • Highly recommended, very good communication timely, well organized.

    February 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Ajitesh for your kind words. We look forward to your new films in the future editions of the festival. Keep up the good work