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Under the shadow of Atigan

The world is at the end of 2099, and the World Union called "Atigan", a four-part council of all the worlds and governments, is trying to pass new laws and appoint a lifetime leader of the union. "Saro", the representative of the half-western hemisphere, is trying to take this position. In this union, any production and presentation of art is considered a crime, and for this reason, "Aras" is in prison. Saro's chief assistant is a law-abiding man named Fanon, who, on Saro's orders, must take several prisoners into space to repair the canopy. The canopy is a huge canopy that was built around the world to take care of the Earth's heat and ecosystem changes years ago around the world. But at this time it needs to be repaired.
Aras and the other prisoners along with Fanon arrive at the space base connected to the canopy, but only Aras there realizes that a great truth has been hidden from the people.
Aras and other prisoners decide to reveal this great secret, although another great danger threatens them and the space base. Now they face the difficult decision of risking their lives to inform the world of Atigan's hidden truth or prioritizing their own safety.

  • Farzad
  • farzad
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    زیر سایه آتیگان
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    Iran, Islamic Republic of
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Writer Biography - farzad

* Born in 1971 in the city of
Expert in cultural and
cinematic department of the
Farabi Cinema Foundation
* Writing, directing, and
producing the miniseries
White Noise November
* Director of the Secretariat
and National Section of the
Children and Adolescent
Film Festival, July 20, 2017
*Assistant, written, directed,
and television producer of
various fiction and
documentary series from
1993 to 2002 on the first,
second and fourth channels
of Iran's national television.
I am married and living
with my wife and two
Graduated in the field of cinema directing in 1996 and a Master's
degree in cinema from the Faculty of Cinema and Theatre of the
University of Arts in 2000.
Writing and directing movies:
1- Hail to the Angels: (2011) Produced by Hassan Alimardani and
Center for the Development of Experimental and Semi-Professional
Documentary Films.
Award winner: Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Visual Special
Effects and Best Young Actor from the 25th Isfahan International
Film Festival for Children and Adolescents, 2012
2- Kindergarten operation: (2012) Produced by Roya Sharif and
Farabi Cinema Foundation.
Winner of awards: Best Film from the Point of View of Children's
judges, Best Film from the point of view of spectators, Honorary
Diploma for the best music, Honorary Diploma for the best special
visual effects, Honorary Diploma for the best film from the 27th
Isfahan International Children and Adolescent Film Festival, 2013.
3- Naughty Kids: (2014) Produced by Mehdi Ahmadi.
Winner of award: Best film from the point of view of children's
judges from the 28th Isfahan International Film Festival for Children
and Adolescents 2014.
4- White Noise, :( November 2021)
Writing, directing, and producing the miniseries

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Executive Secretary of the First Film Club of Farabi Cinema Foundation