[Please read the rules carefully before submitting. The submission fee is not reimbursable.] Shortcutz Amsterdam provides a platform for emerging DUTCH film talent to showcase their work, engage with their audience, and connect with the established professionals of the industry. Every week, we screen four short films by up-and-coming directors. At the end of each screening, the filmmakers engage in discussion with the audience.

The sessions take place every Tuesday between 20:00 and 22:30 in de Kring (Leidseplein). The sessions are open and free. All the movies are subtitled in English, and the Q&As are in English to connect the city’s international community with Dutch cinema.

In 2023, our weekly sessions will run every Tuesday from March 7th until June 27th and from September 5th until November 28th.

Every year we select the Best Film of the competition at Shortcutz Amsterdam Annual Awards, where we award the winner with €15.000 towards the production of a new short film. Top names in the film industry also announce the winners of nine other film-related categories.

PRIZES 2023:
▪️ Mr Zee Best Film: is awarded €15,000 worth of services by FILMMORE and CAM-A-LOT, €7,500 each.
▪️ Mr Zee Best Director: is awarded €5,000 (cash prize) by VEVAM.
▪️ Mr Zee Best Screenplay: is awarded €2,000 (cash prize) by NETFLIX.
▪️ Mr Zee Best Cinematography: is awarded equipment rental worth € 2,500 by CAM-A-LOT.
▪️ Mr Zee Best Soundtrack: is awarded €2,000 (cash prize) by MiMM.

### JURY TEAM ###

Our Jury team is currently composed of the following:

▪️ Producer Jan Harlan (The Shining, Full Metal Jacket, Eyes Wide Shut)
▪️ Director Grow Creative EMEA, LATAM & APAC for Netflix International Originals: Christopher Mack
▪️ Actress Elise Schaap (Undercover, My Father Is An Airplane, Ferry)
▪️ Actress Nora El Koussour (Layla M, Mocro Maffia, De Belofte van Pisa)
▪️ Director Roel Reiné (Marvel's Inhumans)
▪️ Actress Willeke van Ammelrooy (Antonia's Line)
▪️ Director Eddy Terstall (Simon, Meet me in Venice)
▪️ Marina Blok, Head of Drama NTR
▪️ EYE senior programmer and head of acquisitions: René Wolf
▪️ Street-artist Laser 3.14

### RULES ###

Please read carefully before submitting your movie. We accept movies that follow all of these rules:

▪ films related to the Netherlands (Director or Producer must be from the NL or living in ▪ the Netherlands for more than 5 years or have an NL production company)
▪ directed by an up-and-coming filmmaker (before the first feature film - more than 70 minutes)
▪ produced in the last 12 months to the date of the submission
▪ with less than 20 minutes in length (can be 20 minutes + credits)
▪ the Q&A is mandatory with at least 1 member of the main team
▪ your film must be subtitled in English (if it's in another language than English)

The submission fee is not reimbursable.

Overall Rating
  • Tasha Arlova

    I enjoyed the event and organization. It had a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and the talks during the Q&A were interesting. Located in the center of Amsterdam, it's a great location. I totally recommend it for participation!

    April 2024
  • Stan Oversteegen

    100% the coziest film festival in The Netherlands in the heart of Amsterdam with a lot of attention for the film and filmmaker. It's was a pleasure to be part of the 311th (!) weekly session.

    November 2023
  • Peter Lindhout

    I can only agree with all the other reviews.

    June 2023
  • Nick Cremers

    I loved the screening. It was the first time attending shortcutz.
    The organization was very welcoming and had some nice questions. Definitely worth attending and participating.

    October 2022
  • rauwkost collective

    Great people, great festival. Every time an honor to be at the festival.

    October 2022