The SHORT SOUNDS FILM FESTIVAL is dedicated to celebrating the craft and artistry behind the cinematic soundscapes which immerse, inspire and captivate us.

The fifth annual festival will be held on the 24th-25th February 2022 as a hybrid of virtual and in-person events. We will once again be delivering an exciting programme of awards, industry talks, networking opportunities and of course, film. The films we feature put sound at the centre, blending bold and vibrant creativity with the highest quality sound and music production.

The SHORT SOUNDS FILM FESTIVAL prizes the creators and innovators whose dedication to their craft has produced the world of sounds which keep us on the edge of our seats, fully immersed in the cinematic experience.

SSFF is an opportunity to both celebrate and learn from the masters. Every year leading industry experts have shared their priceless wisdom and technical knowledge, and 2022 will be no exception.

As well as looking to the past, SSFF provides a space for a new generation to co-mingle and collaborate, allowing likeminded people to meet and for fresh sparks of creativity to flair as new projects are conceived.

Cinematic sound has the power to hold us in stasis. For a short while, the incessant background noise of life fades to black as we are suspended outside of time and space, transfixed. It is an integral part of the stories which enchant so many, yet is too-often goes unrecognised and undervalued. SSFF gives the sounds of cinema their time in the limelight.

Jury Award for Best Film
Best Sound Design
Best Sound Editing
Best Combined Use of Sound & Music

Jury Award for Best Short
Best Sound Design
Best Sound Editing
Best Combined Use of Sound & Music
Award for Best Sound & Music in a Student Film

Best Original Score not produced for picture
Best Feature Film Score
Best Short Film Score

To submit a film, your project must fulfil the relevant category's rules. We have no premiere requirements or prior screening restrictions and your film can have previous screenings at other festivals and/or be available on other platforms however the committee will favour films with less exposure.

All deadlines (earlybird, regular, late and extended) are the dates by which films must be submitted to the festival. Your digital upload, Vimeo link, or the physical disc must be received by the festival before the final deadline date for. All submissions are handled identically, regardless of which deadline you choose.

All films must be submitted via the Online Screener System on FilmFreeway, a Vimeo link entered directly on the submission application or the film posted on a DVD or Blu-Ray disc. If you intend to send the festival your film on disc please ensure this is region 0 or 2 and ideally PAL formatted. Submitting your film early is encouraged to take advantage of lower fees but please allow up to 24 hours for processing of digital video uploads. If you are submitting a physical disc, please post well in advance of the deadline.

We wish you the best of luck with your submission!

Overall Rating
  • Simeon Costello

    We've just got back from Short Sounds and my god, what a festival! The festival was incredibly professional, well run and hospitable. The communications in advance was very clear and friendly. The Festival was kind enough to invite us to talk after our screening and looked after us really well. We got to go to loads of the events and managed to do lots of networking at the wrap party. Would certainly recommend submitting to Short Sounds, and definitely attending if you've got an interest in film, specifically sound and music. Thanks again Short Sounds!

    February 2022
  • A D Cooper

    Such a welcoming and friendly festival run by folks who know their onions about sound and music. Lots of useful insights about the business as much as screening interesting films.

    As a festival, it must be unique in focusing on the aural aspects of film making. I'll go again another year - whether or not I'm selected.

    March 2020