Hosted by Lamplight Theatre Company with Draper Historic Theatre, we are celebrating the first year of our theatre company by inviting filmmakers of all ages and skills to participate in our first Film Festival. Before Draper Historic Theatre was purchased and converted in the 1980s, the historic building was a cinema theatre. Through the Short Attention Span Film Festival, the Lamplight Theatre Company is paying homage to our history, bringing it back to life and center stage.

Best Short Film (2-15 Minutes)
1st -$200
2nd -$100
3rd -$75

Draper Historic Film (2-15 Minutes)
1st -$100

All films have to be: 
1) Original content, holding the representing filmmaker responsible for all rights. 
2) Available to the festival by April 18th, 2019
3) Include one of the following Props within the piece:
a. Lamplight
b. Mustache
c. Knife
d. Top Hat

The 1st Short Attention Span Film Festival (SASFF 2019) will take place on May 17th & 18th 2019.
This year we will only accept entries through FilmFreeway.  Please ensure you read our Rules and Regulation prior to submitting.

Festival Rules & Regulations
1) The Entries for The Short Attention Span Film Festival (SASFF) should not exceed 20 Minutes in length including All Titles and Credits in both Categories.

2) Due to our family-friendly venue, we hold to standards that exclude the use of nudity, over-the-top violence or hard language. The festival reserves the right to reject films based on the content.

3) Submitting your film to SASFF will be considered an acknowledgment and agreement to the festival rules. SASFF reserves the right to refuse to show any film submitted deemed by the festival inappropriate or not following the rules. All entries will be screened and evaluated by the SASFF committees. Should you have questions you can contact us at

4) All films that pass our evaluation and meet the rules and criteria will be screened at the festival either May 17th or 18th 2019. Submitting to the SASFF gives us the authorization to show the film that was entered. Submitted titles will be informed via Facebook and our website as to which day their film will be screened on our main screen. SASFF cannot be held accountable for changes to the schedule after the festival line-up is announced. Each group will be given 2 complementary tickets to the day their film is screened. The winning films will be announced on Saturday evening on May 18th, 2019.

5) Draper Historic Film Category: this category honors our beautiful city and all its talent. In order to qualify for this category, your film must be produced, written, or filmed in Draper. This category will be judged separately and films must be entered seperately.

6) SASFF is only accepting film uploaded to FilmFreeway on the day that the entry form is completed. Please include press kit including still photos for social media and a 10-15 word synopsis for the festival program. The SASSFF is not responsible for the extra cost of sending this material. Please note that we will only accept final cuts, and scripts are not allowed.

7) PAST THE DUE DATE: If there are films that are not entered by April 25th, 2019 due date, they might still show (with special permission), but will NOT be part of the competition.

8) The Fee is required upon submission. For payment structure, see below. In the event of a film being withdrawn or not approved, SASFF will not be liable to refund the fee or return the materials entered.

9) Contact all non-technical questions with your submission to All technical question relating to your submission should be sent to only. If we have any problems with your film or downloading your film, we will reach out to correct the problem.

10) Please do not send DVD’s or copies of your film to us unless we ask you to do so. We will only accept your entry if it is upload to FilmFreeway. Once we have received your film, press kit, entry fee, and submission form, you will receive an email from us that your entry is ‘In Consideration’. Please note that unless we get all of these items your film entry is NOT confirmed and will not be in the film festival.

11) The inclusion of the props must be represented. The representation is to be interpreted as the filmmaker wishes; however, 1 of the 4 props must be represented and the committee must recognize the use of the prop

Overall Rating
  • Arjan Wilschut

    I instantly loved this festival: the name, the amazing venues and the rules of the game (film has to contain Lamplight, Moustache, Knife or Top Hat) which are hilarious but also give the festival a unique character. Awards include cash prizes which I always appreciate. Any amount raised by the festival to support short films is such a nice extra reward for indie filmmakers. Communication swift, friendly and helpful. I fully recommend Short Attention Span!

    May 2019