SHOCK STOCK is Canada's premiere horror and exploitation weekend celebration.
With International Celebrities, panels, screenings, and mayhem for three days, its a weekend you soon won't forget! ( est. 2011 )

SHOCK STOCK is now a competitive film festival with the coveted CRYSTAL SHOCKER AWARDS as prizes. Also, through exposure to industry pros, celebrity guests, and noted horror publications you can be assured that having your short or feature selected to play at SHOCK STOCK can have its benefits. Distribution deals, film deals, and industry contacts have all been made at our screenings, and a captive audience ( the wildest crowds in the nation ) spread word faster than the dial up internet your grandma checks her email with!

No submission guidelines. Send what you want. Love what you do. And keep it REAL!!
Preferred genres are Horror / Exploitation

Overall Rating
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    Nolan Lewis

    We met some great people, and had one hell of a party. It was great having everything in the one hotel, so it was easy to check out everything, and talk to other filmmakers and guests. Everyone who put it on were great, and responded really quickly to any questions we had.
    Definitely a festival that we will be attending and submitting to again.

    May 2017
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    Peter Campbell

    I wish I could have been in attendance.

    Due to all the shocking talent (pardon the horrific pun), I'm sure it was a wonderful event.

    May 2017
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    Deborah Jayne Reilly Smith

    We were thrilled to be selected to screen at Shock Stock. Everyone was so nice to us. It was great to meet Jake at the festival, and we enjoyed seeing so many of our friends there. The films in the Friday night Short Shock block were fantastic. A very memorable experience. Unfortunately we couldn't stay for the whole weekend. Thanks for having us!

    May 2017
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    joe nardelli

    You can feel the fan love the instant you walk through the doors. Thank you Jake and James for the hospitality you showed Mark Torgl and I. And thank you al of the fans that gave SHOCK STOCK the family feel it had! Looking forward to next year!

    May 2017
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    Todd Sheets

    Everything about Sock Stock Film Fest just screams true Horror! Very indie friendly and a great staff, this fest is one of the best we have ever been involved with. Period.

    April 2017