Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Fantasy, Cult, Experimental, Weird... Can your film make us Shiver?

The Shiver International Film Festival honors the best in truly scary cinematic works, as part of an annual celebration of shiver-inducing genre films and screenplays from around the world.

Feature Films and Short Films - Official Selections are awarded Shiver's Maple Leaf Laurels. The chosen films are screened in a state-of-the-art 140-seat movie theater inside a converted railway station in Ontario, Canada.

Filmmakers / Submitters of Official Selections are invited as VIP guests to attend the festival's screenings.

Feature Screenplays and Short Scripts - The best Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller & Fantasy scripts are awarded Shiver's Finalist Laurels.

The overall Best Feature Screenplay and Best Short Script will be named as Winners of the Shiver Screenplay of the Year and the Shiver Short Script of the Year!

Winning Writers are invited as VIP guests to attend the festival's screenings of officially selected Feature Films and Short Films.

Submissions are open for all Feature Films, Short Films, Feature Screenplays and Short Scripts!

Please submit a link to a password-protected online screener (eg: Vimeo, YouTube) so we may consider your film for the festival.

Please submit your script in PDF format.

Filmmakers / Screenwriters / Submitters agree to the terms on the Shiver International Film Festival website. All fees are non-refundable.

Overall Rating
  • It was a really pleasure to be part of this festival!!!

    Even though I wasn´t able to attend to the festival, I´m very happy to have been part of the festival with my short film HAY ALGO EN LA OSCURIDAD (SOMETHING IN THE DARKNESS).

    Thanks a lot to the director and crew of the festival for their great attention and kindness, thank you so much!

    For me as a spanish filmmaker ist´s a great opportunity to show my work outside my country, thanks!

    I hope to have the opportunity again to be in the festival in the future. See you soon SHIVER!

    All my best wishes and greetings from Spain!
    Fran Casanova

    May 2019
  • A young but upcoming genre festival that is doing extremely well. Keep up the great work!

    October 2018
  • Jerome Cohen Olivar

    Fantastic Festival. sure to become a major in the years to come.

    October 2018
  • Great place to network, great films to watch, great people to communicate with. Everything about Shiver International Film Festival is amazing! Networking is where it's at, and SIFF has that and more! Will definitely submit future projects.

    October 2018
  • Melvin Cartagena

    Because of distance I wasn't able to attend in person, but they were very communicative and updated me of what stage my submission was at throughout the process.

    October 2018