$hitcoin Wally

An action comedy in which a hypnotized cop, a momma’s boy drug dealer, an awkward mafia driver and his chatty obnoxious brother become tied together in an impossible heist

  • Jason Steele
    Bartimaeus, the Bin, Cheaters Robbers and Outlaws
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    comedy, action, heist
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Writer Biography - Jason Steele

Canadian film maker who has written and directed several low budget shorts and a horror thriller web series "The Bin" - which garnered a 2020 Alberta Motion Pictures Industry Association Nomination for Best Web Series. He is particularly skilled in developing a story and writing very fast. This skill translates both as a writer and as an indie director when last moment decisions must made due to changes in available actors, props, locations, and time while maintaining the core story elements.

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Writer Statement

$hitcoin Wally is a step into the world of crude adult comedy. While this script may not be everyone's cup of tea, the ridiculous nature of it is sure to bring a laugh to fans of the raunchy comedy genre.

I am certainly aware that this script breaks several rules of a spec script, most notably including music references and song lyrics. Odds are based on that piece alone it might be a hard script to sell on it's own, but it is a pretty good representation of My style in comedy, pacing and character development.

The initial draft of this script was written from initial concept to first draft in less than 3 days. After that we did a couple virtual table readings, which provided valuable feedback leading to further drafts.