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There are monsters in the world. They used to be human, but now they are something else, and they're everywhere.

In the ice cold white of winter, a group of survivors is trapped inside a house. To step outside means certain death.

With the power out, no running water, and food running low, the situation is grim.

Tensions rise in the house after Zeke is found hanging dead in a tree outside.

Two new people arrive in the house. Hannah sprints across the road narrowly surviving, but Winter, he seems to be able to move around outside.

The morning after Winter nad Hannah arrive, Cindy is found murdered in the bathtub.

There are monsters outside the house and a monster inside. Someone is killing people inside the house.

Working the clues, evidence points everywhere. Jimmy, Becka, Lauren, Hannah and even Frankie had reasons to kill Cindy, but we know who the killer is already. Derek.

A cold killer that has been set free by the way the world has changed.

Derek: "I belong! You are the ones who are all out of place."

The atmosphere becomes a fever pitch of paranoia and fear. People accuse each other and the group descends into madness, clinching Jimmy and trying to force the
truth from him they brutally stab him to death.

Winter and Frankie who risk an excursion, return from next door with the knowledge of who the murderer is and the group finally get to know the truth.

Derek is confessing and reveals why and how he murdered these people. He is sure the new world will embrace him, especially since he too can now navigate the outside thanks to Winter’s teaching.

Derek: "I belong! You are the ones who are all out of place."

Derek springs his trap and creatures swarm the house, killing everyone except for Winter and Derek who have a final confrontation.

"I'm going to kill you." Derek replies, "Come and catch me."

Derek, shot and bleeding will escape the house with Winter hot on his heels.

  • Adrian Konstant
    Art of 8 Limbs, Bickerman's Grove, I Was A Greenhouse
  • Adrian Konstant
    Bickerman's Grove, I Was A Greenhouse
  • Jason T Green
    Art of 8 Limbs, Bickerman's Grove
  • Michael Wurtz
    Key Cast
    "William Winter"
    Bickerman's Grove, Heretics
  • Derek Lackenbauer
    Key Cast
    "Derek Monroe"
    Mando vs. the Hacksmith, Bickerman's Grove, I Was A Greenhouse
  • Victoria Dunsmore
    Key Cast
    "Becka Thomas"
    Black Box, Batwoman, The Last Porno Show, Framed By My Husband
  • Zach Parsons
    Key Cast
    "Frankie Bernard Isaacs"
    Mando vs. the Hacksmith, Easy V, Bickerman's Grove, I Was A Greenhouse
  • Alyssa Blasak
    Key Cast
    "Cindy Dawson"
    Cold Blood, Fear Thy Neighbor
  • Brian Otto
    Key Cast
    "Jimmy Tenneson"
    Dickson & Bruce - History Meets Mystery, Mando vs. the Hacksmith, Forcefury
  • Sean Rey
    Key Cast
    "Zeke Tenneson"
    Far Cry 6, Rev, Beyond Hell, Hemlock Grove, Norte
  • Jenna Gagliardi
    Key Cast
    "Hannah Bixby"
    Because We Are
  • Alyssa Schermel
    Key Cast
    "Lauren Goode"
    A Time To Kill (TV Series Documentary)
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 29 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    May 11, 2022
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Adrian Konstant

Adrian started his career in the film industry as a production assistant, then moving into the camera department in Cape Town, South Africa.

He grew his film resume with a move to Vancouver, searching for bigger and better opportunities.

Meeting his wife and a move to Ontario prompted Adrian to write and direct, ‘I Was A Greenhouse’. With a feature under his belt, he partnered with Producer Jason T Green and launched Fable Forest Films, a company dedicated to the production of narrative films and TV shows.

Adrian then wrote and directed ‘Bickerman’s Grove’, which was selected for Hamilton Film Festival and the Grand River Film Festival at the end of 2016.

During the filming of 'Shifted' the Fable Forest took on an amazing opportunity to create the 'Art of 8 Limbs' docuseries for Bell Fibe TV1, a 2 season series following Muay Thai fighters across Ontario as they prepared to do battle.

Shifted will be Adrian's 3rd feature film.

Every completed film is a dream come true.

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Director Statement

SHIFTED. A thriller. A genre film. A house. Monsters. Murder. Blood.

This film has been our toughest filmmaking journey to date. We had to pivot our initial structure for shooting the film. Our first attempt at the creatures was a complete failure in 4k and so we had to re-group and come back the following winter to get all the creature shots that we missed. We also had glaring technical issues with one of the cameras that forced us to come back the YEAR AFTER THAT and shoot a bunch of pick-ups.

As long as things took and as difficult as the road was, we, the makers of this film loved every minute of it. The go, go, go of filmmaking is a beautiful thing we cherish every time we have the opportunity and SHIFTED was no exception.

Derek, Mike, Jenna, Zach, Victoria, Brian, Alyssa, Sean, Alyssa... The actors were marvelous. Jason, my producing partner, never waivered when I told him that parts of the film needed to be fixed. The crew, the unsung heroes, sat for long hours as we pushed hard to make our days. Now, after 4 years of a hard and tough slog we have learned, grown, and finished SHIFTED, a film that I am truly proud of.

Monsters Outside. A Monster Inside. To Those Of Us Left.

I really do hope you enjoy watching this film as much as we enjoyed creating it.