Shift Film Festival is an annual audiovisual festival which focuses on new filmmakers and the fast and dynamically changing ways in which films are being made and watched. Filmmakers are continuously experimenting with techniques, formats and distribution channels, while audiences are getting confronted with new kind of audiovisual media almost every day. Shift Film Festival wants to investigate these ongoing developments, expose trends and cultivate revolutions in filmmaking. Next do that, it gives a podium to upcoming talent.

Shift Film Festival focuses on the future of film, in all that can be imagined. Whether it is about new techniques, new ways of storytelling or new filmmakers themselves.

Professionals as well as public are offered a dynamic and high quality festival experience, with innovative films from over the world, inspiring workshops and lectures, an award show and more. We are constantly seeking for productions and professionals that set new standards. Can you handle the next big thing in film?

• Shift Award for Best Film
• Shift Award for Best Newcomer
• Shift Award for Best Virtual Reality Film
• Audience Award for Best Film
• Awards for the best new filmprojects (pitchting contest)

Besides these awards, the jury can decide to procure a Special Jury Prize.

1. There is no limitation regarding the production date of your film, although our main focus will be productions made within the last five years.
2. The maximum running time for shorts is 40 minutes (including credits).
3. Films in every genre can be submitted (e.g. fiction, documentary, animation, experimental and more).
4. Titles produced in languages other than English must have legible English subtitles or dubbed in English.
5. Submissions only via, with online screeners (downloadable preferred). Additional materials such as credits, synopsis, stills, director’s biography and headshot are obligatory.
6. Viewing at festival only by DCP, in exceptional cases other files are allowed.
7. E-mails with questions regarding waiving the submission fee will not be answered.

This is just an excerpt of the regulations, carefully read the complete regulations before submitting (

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