Shenyang, the hometown of Ren Qingtai, the father of Chinese film; Youth, let the image radiate the power of ideal light. Image because of youth and unique feelings, the world has a distance because of image. Shenyang Youth Video Festival is an important activity focusing on young creators, finding creative images and supporting the power of new images, based on shenyang, the hometown of film. The winning works will receive special support and have the opportunity to communicate with top film and television practitioners and scholars in the industry.

Drama Unit
Best drama, Best Director, Best screenplay
Documentary, animation, creative video Unit
Best Documentary, Best Animated Feature, Best Creative Video
Technology Unit
Best cinematography, Best lighting, Best Soundtrack
Screening unit
Best Audience Choice award

For international young creators, this film festival only collects film works. Participants include university students and film and television creators under the age of 35.
Films include feature films, documentaries, creative videos, animated films and others.
The video format should be MPG, MOV, WMV, AVI, MP4, RMVB, with English subtitles.
The contents of the entries shall not contravene the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China.
Participants shall own the copyright of their participating works, and the legal liability arising from the right of portrait, right of reputation, right of privacy, trademark and other issues of the participating works shall be borne by the participants.
For the shortlisted works, the organizing organization of the Festival has the right to use them for non-profit publicity, exhibition and publication free of charge.