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Shelley Greenberg is Fine

Shelley Greenberg is fine. She's the star of the highest rated soap opera: Welcome to My Life. She's got a successful, handsome, psychologist boyfriend, Frank. Her brother, Rabbi Jack, has a congregation nearby and a lovely wife and 5-year-old daughter who loves to watch her Aunt Shelley on T.V. whenever she can get away with it. And Shelley's best friend and make-up artist, wisecracking Bonnie, lives in the same condo development. Yup, she's got it all.

Things are already a bit out of kilter when we fade in and Shelley's houseguest, Chris, seems to have developed a crush on the soap maven. (We can practically see the sparks fly when they look at each other!) Chris is an old college buddy of Jack's, staying with Shelley because Jack is suddenly and mysteriously "busy" all the time. Chris has just landed a job working with Shelley's boyfriend.

In the midst of this budding romantic confusion, Shelley's long-estranged father shows up claiming he wants to look around and see about retiring in sunny California. Actually, he's come to announce the death of the mother Shelley thought had been dead for years.

David loses no time in picking up Shelley's boss, tough-as-nails producer Evelyn. The relationship goes nowhere, but boyfriend Frank is wowed by the street smarts and, uh, female attributes, of the voluptuous backstabber.

Shelley's brother, Jack, continues to claim he has no time to spend with his Dad, but insists that they should have a birthday party for him at Shelley's place. It proves to be quite a party to remember when Shelley has a pregnancy scare, Frank breaks up with her to be with Evelyn, Bonnie surprises everyone by ordering a strip-o-gram for David, and they learn Jack's secret when the bad guys show up to collect on all his gambling debts. On top of that, Shelley's home-baked cake is bad enough shots may be fired.

When David bails out his son, Shelley and Jack give him a chance to explain himself. Seems that David "lost" his wife all those years ago. Literally. They went to NYC for the weekend and she went out for cigarettes and never came back–running off with their local optometrist. David made the weirdly wrong choice to tell his kids that their mother was dead.

She's really dead now, and it's giving them all a chance to bring their relationship alive again. After regaining her father, Shelley is undaunted by losing her job and her boyfriend–finding that with David and Chris in her life–for the first time in maybe ever, Shelley Greenberg is truly fine.

  • Stan Loveman
  • Ellen Pill
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Writer - Stan Loveman , Ellen Pill