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Shark Jumpers: The Movie Based On The Story of the Short-Lived College Sketch Show

CW is a wide-eyed, optimistic Generic State University freshman with a dream to write for the school's College Emmy-award winning sketch program. Unfortunately, he's not selected by the evil Steven.

So, he starts his own show.

It's called "Shark Jumpers."

This is the true story of the short lived college sketch program that ran at Arizona State from 2007-11.

  • Matt Levy
    Number One Haircut
  • Matt Levy
    Number One Haircut
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Writer Biography - Matt Levy

Matt Levy is a 1988-born stand up & sketch comedian, cancer survivor and lifelong Night at the Roxbury fan. Hailing from Arizona, Matt moved to New York in 2013 to pursue comedy full-time. We know. Very brave!

Levy has performed at festivals like The Beast Village Comedy Festival (Des Moines), The Bird City Comedy Festival (Phoenix) and Motor City Comedy Festival (Detroit) to name a few, produces sketches (check out his directing and editing reel here) and writes a weekly blog called “Comedy Stray Notes.”

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Writer Statement

I've always dreamed of making a movie about one of the most creative, exhausting and exhilarating weeks of my life. I think this movie plays up the absurdity of college drama, the lengths one will go to in order to finish creative projects that are important to themselves and no one else and what it means to actually learn how to solve problems on your own rather than rely on others.