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The art-movie is multi-genre, it is subject to the overall artistic approach of Elitsa Baramó and makes aesthetic-philosophical generalizations. It is based on her idea, painting, script, and performance. The theme is universal: existence – movement – communication – tolerance. The movie represents the long-term project of Baramó ”Sediment Process”/being a 3rd phase of it/. Sediment Process* is a pictorial concept of her, a visual language with own syntax.
The short film is innovative with the synthesis between paintings /set in motion/, conceptual texts, performance** and the choice of means of expression. The viewer is invited in the working process but not literally, namely in the genesis of the idea. The kinetics, which is already laid down in the created paintings, in the film it is "retrospectively" unfolded, and it passes already into a real movement in time. The movement (in animated paintings) is charged with meaning, it is not just a matter of aesthetics. Ethics in aesthetics.
“Baramó 's existential symbols and self-reflection refer to a NEO EXISTENTIALISM expressed in artistic form. The movie is a pioneer act, an "art resurrection"- a rebirth of the artistic image.” /Prof. Kr. Delchev DSc. in Philosophical sciences, Sofia University/

* Sediment Process: it is based on mathematical logic and linear perspective; recreates a feeling of movement with the means of expression of painting. Conceptual basis of SP is Baramó's formulation - Slow Motion Aesthetics: an ethical opportunity to observe the phase of deviation.
** The performance "Noumenon" thematizes the creative invention and the "negative will" for renouncement of certain freedoms in favor of the idea. (Kant)
„The palette is reduced by literally pushing colors with Bammes’ textbook plastic anatomy in the performance, part of the film “Shared Spaces“. /Dr. Ani Venkova - art critic/

  • Elitsa Aleksandrova Baramova - Baramó
  • Elitsa Aleksandrova Baramova - Baramó
  • Elitsa Aleksandrova Baramova - Baramó
  • Enil Enchev
  • Project Type:
    Animation, Experimental, Short, Web / New Media
  • Runtime:
    29 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    April 22, 2023
  • Production Budget:
    10,000 EUR
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
    Black & White and Color
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Elitsa Aleksandrova Baramova - Baramó

Elitsa Baramova - BARAMÓ
… lives and works in Sofia. She spent her early childhood years in Cuba with her family. Baramó took first drawing lessons from her father. She grew up in an environment of open-minded parents and world travel. The sun, the colors and the joy of living will flood the palette of her earlier works, and will continue to shine through the later ones. She is freelancing artist since 2001; member of Union of Bulgarian Artists, Painting section since 2007.
● Education
1995-2001 – National Art Academy, Sofia/ BG, master's degree in arts, Illustration and graphic design
1989-1994 – National High School of Applied Arts "St. Luke", Textile class, Sofia/ BG

● Solo exhibitions and events /selected/
2023 – Rakursi gallery, Sofia/ BG (painting)
2022 – [a] cube contemporary gallery, Sofia/ BG (painting)
2021 – [a] cube contemporary gallery, Sofia/ BG (painting, conceptual texts)
2020 – BG Cultural Institute, Budapest/ Hungary (painting, conceptual texts, drawing, art-movie "Shared Spaces"- international premiere)
2020 – [a] cube contemporary gallery, art-movie "Shared Spaces" (video art "Noumenon") - by her idea, script, performance, painting; supported by Sofia Municipality
2018 – [a] cube contemporary gallery, Sofia/ BG (painting, conceptual texts)
2013 – Municipal Gallery, Bankya/ BG (painting)
2008 – Maxim gallery, Sofia/ BG (painting and happening)
2006 – Alte Feuerwache gallery, Göttingen/ BRD (painting)
2006 – VERDI Institut, Lage Hörste/ BRD (painting, drawing)
2005 – BG Culture Institute, Berlin-Mitte/ BRD (painting)
2005 – Gropius museum, Alfeld/ BRD (painting)
2004 – exhibition space of Laatzen municipality, Hanover/ BRD (painting)
2004 – Goethe Institute, Göttingen/ BRD (painting, drawing)
2004 – gallery of the guild Kuenstlerhaus, Göttingen/ BRD (painting)
2004/ 03 – VERDI Institute, Berlin Wannsee/ BRD (painting)
2003 – gallery Studio Wasserscheune, Erbsen/ BRD (painting, happening)
2003 – Torhaus gallery, Braunschweig/ BRD (painting)
2002 – Nikolov gallery, Halle-Saale/ BRD (painting)
2001 – Artamonzev gallery, Sofia/ BG (painting)

● Group exhibitions /selected/
2023 – gallery of Union of Bulgarian Artists (UBA), the charitable cause for the affected areas in Turkey and Syria
2021 – Ari Kupsus Gallery, Budapest/ Hungary
2021 – Classica gallery-museum, Sofia/ BG
2021 – S. Monti gallery, Paris/ France (exhibition EU Contemporary Art)
2019 – Art Fair West, Norwich/ UK
2019 – Luxart gallery, Rome/ Italy
2018 – Armory Show (International Exhibition - Modern Art), Stricoff gallery, New York/ USA
2018 – Classica gallery-museum, Sofia/ BG
2017 – Art Basel, Artbox project, Switzerland
2016 – "Art meets History" project, Grimbergen, Brussels/ Belgium (exhibition Classical Modernism and contemporary art)
2014 – V&V gallery, Vienna/ Austria; – Europe gallery, Sofia/ BG
2010 – Iliya Beshkov Art Gallery, V-th Biennial, Pleven/ BG
2009/ 08 – gallery of UBA, experimental art "Section 13", Sofia/ BG
2009 – National Gallery for Foreign Art (Francophonie), Sofia/ BG
2001 – Musée des Beaux Arts, Ottawa/ Canada

● Awards, grants /selected/
for projects: 2021, 2022 - National Culture Fund, BG; 2020/ 21 - Sofia Municipality (art-movie);
awards for abstract painting:
2020, 2021 [a] cube contemporary gallery, Sofia/ BG;
2021 - conceptual bearer of trends in fashion and textiles in 2023, «Première Vision», Lyon / France, selected work from the project «Passing and Remaining Landscapes»
2020 - award for mural - "RAL Indoor Murals" project, Philadelphia/ USA;
2005 - "Rolf Broenstrup" Painting Award, Hanover/ BRD;
2003 - painting award, Laatzen, Hanover/ BRD; 2010 - design award, municipality Shabla;
2002 - design award, logo redesign Europalia festival, Belgium, etc.
● Art commissions /selected/: 2018 - 2020 Sofia City Library; 2001 -2008 Sofia Metropolitan Municipality; 2008 - 2020 Ergo publishing house, book design; from 2019 - art director and overall design concept of HINSA art foundation (international project)

● National representative in international events: 2021 - XI Symposium Pappenheim Castle/ Hungary;
2008 - Symposium "EUropas Mitte", Fulda/ BRD, 2002 - Symposium of Union of Artists, Wernigerrode/ BRD; 2001 - IV Jeux de la Francophonie, Ottawa/ Canada, etc.

● Artistic practice: painting, drawing, video art, happening, installation, giclée print, photography, graphic design (book, poster, corporate identity), copywriting, contemporary jewelry objects.
Techniques used: acrylic, oil, watercolor, gouache, pastel, mixed media, pencil, lavis, litho, Giclée print. Baramó often involves conceptual texts with the visual part. She is classified as a neo-existentialist painter by prof. PhD Kr. Delchev (see critical study https://www.baramo.art/criticism-the-architect-project). The author has avant-garde quests and is a creator of the visual language "Sediment Process".

● Publications
Some critical studies of exhibitions and art-film in Bulgarian media – translated:
Baramó Art / Contemporary Art / Critical Contribution (baramo.art)
Youtube: elitsa baramo channel
Catalog Baramó – painting, 2021 Bulgaria; ISBN: 978-619-92059-0-7 /english and bulgarian language/
Catalog Paintings - 2003, Bulgaria; ISBN 954-91303-1-2 /bulgarian and german language/

Add Director Biography
Director Statement

My topics focus on man and movement, the potential for development embodied in each of us and the philosophical concept of the God-Man, the duality of the world.
("There are no facts, only comments and interpretations." - Fr. Nietzsche)
The Nietzschean philosophical platform introduces the Apollonian and Dionysian aspect of art, thus marking two antagonistic spheres of life. In this sense, I am trying to identify the spirit of Apollo in the Dionysian state and the skirmishes between them. I observe the dialectic between the two poles.
My art does not depend on pro- or anti- traditional elements. The different elements in my creation do not seek to be recognized as things but as correlative references. Idea is more important than visual perception and selected means of expression; I embrace the idea of Fluxus for union of arts.
Experiment is an important part of my creative practice. In 2015 I started my long-term project ‘Sediment Process’. It is my concept for visual language, with its own syntax, founded on mathematical logic and linear perspective; it recreates a feeling of movement with the means of expression of painting. Conceptual basis of SP is my formulation - Slow Motion Aesthetics: an ethical opportunity to observe the phase of deviation... for understanding other points of view, beyond one's ego.
The compositions are based on kinetic structures. This approach is recognizable in my last sub-projects: "The Architect", “Passing and Remaining Landscapes”, “Shared Spaces” (art-movie), “Guadian Angels” and „Vertex”. The paintings are often accompanied by conceptual texts on existential themes and visualize human existence as a slow stone sculpture in the process of creation.