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Shang Xin Fang

Beiting Village is Yi minority in southern China, Yunnan.
Pu Chengping's family are moving from their old house to a new house. It is a greatly important event, the same as a marriage. The local people call it "Shang Xin Fang - move to new house".

To help celebrate properly, Pu Chengping's family will choose a good day to hold a moving ceremony, by asking Chinese astrologers to make the auspisous time. They will kill pigs and cattle, enough to hold a 3-4-day celebration banquet. According to the custom all the village folk including children will come to help. After the feast, everyone will sing together playing their traditional instruments and dance. They want to follow the old traditions, but the family really do not know exactly how the procedure should be.
Through the ceremony of "Shang Xin Fang", the film reflects the improvement of the life of ethnic minorities in the mountainous area, and also shows the impact of economic development on the traditional culture of ethnic minorities.

  • Ying Wang
  • Wang Ying
  • Pu Chengping
  • Wang Ying
  • Jeanne Pope
    Sea hut. Dust.
  • Pu Chengping family
    Key Cast
  • Wang Ying
  • Pu Chengju
  • Jeanne Pope
  • Wang Ying
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    Documentary, Feature
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 13 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    October 31, 2019
  • Production Budget:
    2,000 USD
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Director Biography - Ying Wang

Ying Wang is a Chinese-Canadian documentary filmmaker, photographer and professor at the Beijing Film Academy, Modern Creative Media College, Qingdao. China. Ying has a Master degree in Buddhist Art History & Art Technology from The National University of Kobe, Japan, 1993. Later, he studied multimedia design at the International Academy of Design Montreal. Canada.

He adapted the traditional oriental Art form “Huajuan” (in Chinese) or “Emakimono” (in Japanese) to his own work, which is a multi-perspective continuous story scene. By using digital technology he created his own unique style of photographic image he calls “the printed movie”, which captures a mile long street scene in one image. This technique was used as a backdrop for Up & Down The City Rd and for Dust. A Sculptor’s Journey. He currently works

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Director Statement

I am very interested in Chinese anthropology and ethological studies. I teach visual anthropology. This documentary is Part 1 of a series which will follow different aspects of this particular Yi region.
The fast economic growth in China in these remote areas and fundamental establishing of infrastructure brings the people more easily in and out of their area, however through this gain, something is lost.

I try to document as honestly as possible.