Director/Writer/Musician/Editor/Audio engineer/Cinematographer/FilmColorist
Shahin Rashidi graduated in directing from the Faculty of Art and Architecture in Tehran. It has been used in directing, editing, sound, design, sound composition Composer/Singer/Producer, live instrumentation, and a variety of wide-ranging cultural influences when crafting his uniquely relaxing and soul-searching sound.. Teaching experience in photography and filming at Iran Azad University Writing, directing and producing the movie "The Nine" Production 2019 and release in September 2020 from art and experience cinemas and selected 20 prestigious international festivals between 2019-2020 "The world is end" short film ends, written and directed by Shahin Rashidi "Alcoholic" short film written and directed by Shahin Rashidi ,"The Fall" short film producer and directed by Shahin Rashidi ,"The Renfeild" short film written and directed by Shahin Rashidi, After releasing many singles in previous years, Shahin releases his first album "No Sorrow" and "Shahin Rashidi Crazy In The Mosque" in 2020 in collaboration with Majorhitrecords Inc. USA. The album is a mixture of Folk, Modern and Electronic music. Live Performance: Shahin Rashidi often performed live in support of his singles. He has the experience of working with different singers all around the world as a composer, arranger and producer.
During the years 2017 to 2021, Shahin Rashidi has received many domestic and international awards for his films and music videos, as well as his works have been officially selected by more than 100 prestigious international festivals in different continents.
He has also collaborated in many works of cinema and television as: cinematographer, writer, composer, editor, sound engineer, sound design and composition and color correction and ...
Birth Date
October 31, 1993
Shahin Rashidi
Birth City
Current City
Orange County
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Zodiac Sign
Director/Writer/Musician/Editor/Audio engineer/Cinematographer/FilmColorist
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