We are Shablulim Films! (Snail cinema)

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A radical, sometimes confusing film collective from Israel, bound to curate and create brave and true art, usually screening at self organized events taking place in nature.

This year we are creating a film stage at Israel's biggest Indie arts fare - InDNegev.
The annual InDNegev festival is one of the leading independent music festivals in Israel, featuring a spectrum of genres and styles over three days every October. The InDNegev festival lineup includes rising stars and exclusive collaborations and live sets, as well as a spectrum of other art and cultural activities. It is set in the beautiful Mitzpe Gvulot, a desert setting. we are aiming to bring our extreme artistic vision and provide stage for films we find fresh, intriguing, slimy and captivating.

We as the Shablulim Film collective with to be a soft, somewhat avant-garde space inside this festival enabling the attendees to sit down with us and experience our curation of films.

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This time, we are opening a submission channel through Film Freeway for a specific purpose: to invite creators throughout the Middle East to show their art in an open minded setting, to create an interesting conversation and hopefully create border-crossing bonds between art-loving people. It is the first time after 5five years of film-curating that we invite creators to submit internationally.

The program will be called "Pieces of the Middle East: Experimental Frontier"

and will feature two hours of chosen films as a showcase of contemporary experimental filmmaking and animation.

What do we look for?
Any films that is a fresh take, that has an element of experimentation or uniqueness, either thematically, aesthetically, production-wise or otherwise.
LGBTQ+, Anarchist, psychedelic, nature-loving, peace-inducing are all extremely loved and adored in our curators hearts.

We are very excited to meet your films.

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"Pieces of the Middle East: Experimental Frontier" Is a non-profit affort, as all our festival programs are. We don't offer any cash prize to our official selections.
the chosen films will be invited to be featured on our official international website, and will remain there for the entire year.
the films will be also invited to participate in future screenings of "Shablulim Films" throughout the year - with a specific request from the creators for every screening, of course.

ONLY films from the Middle East, or from Middle Eastern creators will be accepted.

Every length is accepted.

Every Genre is accepted, although this program is focused on alternative, experimental film and animation.