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Sewing The Future

From the environmental protection and transformation of our textile industry to the issues of global climate change and the alternation of generations, we’re trying to show the audience all kinds of choices and decisions for them to reflect on themselves and shape our present world. From the past and present to our future, all generations face essentially similar choices. All kinds of different dialogues exist and are addressed at the same time.
The economy and environment are two sides of the same coin which coexist and are interdependent on each other to test the wisdom and creativity of the human.

  • Dong-liang Yang
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    1 hour 20 minutes 20 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    December 31, 2020
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Director Biography - Dong-liang Yang

The director, Yang Dong-liang, is the founder of 5 Forest Studio. He has created documentaries and other films for over twenty years and kept learning and accumulating his experiences. Over the past years, he has got involved with international documentary festivals, so he knows well the values of and markets for documentaries. He has created diverse films and was awarded by the Awards for Editorial Excellence. He is currently endeavoring to help make documentaries up to the international standards in Taiwan.

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Director Statement

The human’s behavior looks like a microworld. Most people keep making choices and are stuck in it. Trees and lives are exploited or destroyed one after another to the extent that our ecology and environment are almost off balance because of the human beings.
Many people know well how to protect the environment, but it is not easy for them to change. Even if they have mutual understanding, they don’t work together due to their self-interest and many considerations.
In 2019, a Swedish girl named Greta Thunberg began to attract some attention and convulsion with her appeals and actions. However, the global pandemic of COVID-19 makes it look sarcastic that the girl went on strike and realized her dream.
On the surface, the documentary is about the environmental protection and transformation of the textile industry in Taiwan, and also climate change and the alternation of generations. But in fact, all those people from different domains have their own opinions instead of a mutual understanding.
For example, the doctrine of the mean advocated by Environmental Protection Administration is followed by the accusation of the Swedish girl, as if caring about the future of our next generation were just prattle or some noble cause. However, it is up to our children to decide on their own future. Therefore, like the split screen of an online conference call, all those involved talk past one another without a consensus. Maybe it is just normal in the human world.
The recurrence of black swan events and the human’s responses to them are seen as normality of the generation. All of us are stuck in the circulation. Different generations are stuck in our collective consciousness and the world driven by it.