Seviyeler "Reaches"

"Reaches” is an intense and emotionally charged action movie in a dystopian setting that follows the journey of Deniz, a skilled professional killer, whose life takes turn when she crosses paths with Elis, a young delivery girl and a former acquaintance, during a crucial mission. Deniz saves her after her boss, Darin, orders to bring Elis, recognizing the vital confidential documents stored within a chip sewn into Elis's body.

Deniz transports Elis to Darin’s residence, only to discover that their intentions are far from only extracting the chip but a plan to eliminate Elis altogether with the documents. Driven by sense of responsibility and the connection they share, she takes action. Deniz escapes with Elis before Darin is able to obtain the chip, leaving behind her partner Meriç. However, Deniz discovers that Elis has been medicated and has only a few hours to live, time becomes a relentless foe.

Journey becomes a race against time as Deniz embarks on a mission to fulfill Elis's dream of going to seaside. Meriç follows them with aims to protect Deniz whom he deep down loves. But plans are quickly sidetracked when Darin, places a substantial bounty on their heads. Deniz and Elis become an open target, turning their already difficult quest into a lethal game.

With their unwavering efforts, Elis reaches the seaside, but tragically dies at spot. Deniz is left shattered with Meriç left on her side. Driven by revenge, Deniz vows to bring those responsible for Elis's death to their knees.

  • Zeynep Ekim
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    Yes - Bilkent University
Writer Biography - Zeynep Ekim

Zeynep Ekim, born in 2002 at Kocaeli. She plans to graduate from her B.A. degree in Communication and Design department at the Bilkent University, Ankara, in 2023. During the period of her education, she had chances to work in variety of video projects and student film productions. She have also worked as production assistant and sometimes as a director in video production projects lead by the university. With various work and internship opportunities she have also gained experience in field of design as well. She is interested in many branches of the entertainment and creative industries. She uses her strengths such as her creativity, determined nature and planning skills to become an inspiring artist.

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Writer Statement

I believe that my first feature-length screenplay project, which is an original piece within the thrilling action genre, takes place in a near-future dystoian world where society is divided into levels. As a female screenwriter, I see this project as an opportunity to offer a different perspective on the traditionally male-dominated patriarchal action genre and redefine its borders.

In traditional action films, female characters often take a backseat while male characters take the spotlight. However, in this project, the story follows a skilled female assassin's struggle to survive against the oppressive figures above her while staying true to herself.

Additionally, I would like to emphasize an important point. I am not advocating for a feminist perspective in this project, nor am I a feminist myself. In the world I have created, characters with contrasting characteristics fit together like puzzle pieces, adding emotional depth to the thrilling nature of the action. My aim is to captivate and inspire the audience with a unique screenplay within the genre.