Without Your Head presents Severed Limbs Film Festival! Short horror virtual film festival run 4 times a year via YouTube with a live interactive chat room of film fans and filmmakers alike!

Free to enter and free to watch. Goal is for people to see new filmmakers and films, and filmmakers to find a new audience. A celebration of independent horror.

All films just play one time, and are not left on YouTube for replay.

Sid Haig Award: Best Overall Short

Angus Scrimm Award: Scariest Short

Joel M. Reed Award: Most Crazy, Weird, Bizzare or Disturbing Short

Conrad Brooks Award: Made Me Laugh the Most Short

Robin Hardy Award: Best Director

Dieter Laser Award: Best Male Performance

Betsy Palmer Award: Best Female Performance

Gunnar Hansen Award: Best Villain/Antoganist

Marilyn Burns Award: Bets Hero/Protagonist

Ben Chapman Award: Best Creature(s)

HG Lewis Award: Best Gore/Kill

Alexander Hauck Award: Most Memorable or Loveable Character

Paul Kelman Award: Best Trailer

Rowdy Roddy Poster Award: Best poster

George Kosana Award: Best line

Joe Pilato Award: Best scene

Best Score/Music (name TBA)

Best Writer/Script (name TBA)

All awards are virtual graphics that are customized for you.

Free to enter and free to watch. Prefer under 20 minute run length. Will play older shorts, as long as we have not screened them before. Horror themed, but lenient on genre. Underground, thrillers, weird all welcome!

Trailers have been added as official selections!

Overall Rating
  • Antonio Rotunno

    Really cool experience with nice feedback at the online event commentaries. It was really good to see such a diverse range of shorts & trailers with such nice hosting by the organizers. Thank you for having 2 of our shorts!

    July 2022
  • This festival is awesome, highly recommend for any filmmaker!

    July 2022
  • Jon Devlin

    It was an honor to be a part of this festival. There were a ton of talented, independent filmmakers who were a part of it. This was my fourth time attending and second time contributing. Every time has been a great experience. Highly recommend!

    July 2022
  • This is an absolutely fantastic online fest, run by one of the experts in the genre with a long career of genre interview and criticism. Also a wonderful spirit among feet participants, good feelings of camaraderie abound, guided by Neal’s fun & good natured hosting via live chat. A great way to get some exposure for your short for a limited semi-public viewing. This is the one you can make your friends watch, and they’ll thank you, after seeing so many weird and wild creations. Such a cool curation of strangeness and suffering takes on horror from all over. Great community, excellent director & host, fun fun fun. Can’t recommend highly enough! Submit today, you’ll be glad you did!

    July 2022
  • Destiny Soria

    Had fun at the event! Thank you for the runner-ups.

    April 2022