Seven Hills International Film Festival is back for it's 2024 grand re-opening!
Our team has been working extremely hard throughout the year to proudly bring you a much bigger and more professional film festival in the heart of Europe, Hungary!

SHIFF is not just a movie festival but a unique platform for filmmakers of all origins and experiences. Yes, you will be watching exclusive screenings of exciting films from all over the world and get a chance to meet and greet cult actors, aspiring directors and other notable guests.​

SHIFF Film industry forum -

We welcome Hungarian and international professionals/enthusiasts and provide an opportunity for amateur filmmakers to meet seasoned directors, writers, producers and actors while also showcasing their work.

SHIFF creates a platform for building International relationships -

Each year, a few key countries are chosen to be in focus. In addition to internationally competitive films, we provide a thorough overview of the film market and culture of the chosen countries.

Like Pécs, the festival is culturally diverse. Pécs is a perfect venue for the festival as it is a university city, this is where different cultures meet.

Each category winner will be presented with the SHIFF award and cash prizes. Full cash prices will be announced later.

There will also be diplomas awarded to runner-ups in each category as well.

Please read carefully and accept the Rules and Regulations before submitting your film.

In order to be eligible for the official competition, your film should be produced in 2022/2023. Exceptions may be applied on a case-by-case basis.

We require that all short and feature films have not been commercially exhibited or released on any media platform (or window) in Hungary before SHIFF 2024. Exceptions may be applied on a case-by-case basis.

Films must not have been entirely or partially broadcasted and/or made available on any television, the internet, mobile phones and/or any other public viewing platform worldwide before SHIFF 2024.

We retain the right to keep all online submission forms as well as viewing copies for our internal use only. We reserve the right to download the viewing copies (all formats) and transfer them to a master hard drive digital library, building a digital reference archive. We will not theatrically or publicly screen for commercial or non- commercial purposes any films without the express written consent of the appropriate rights holder(s) of the concerned film.

The relevant selection committee will, at its own discretion, select the films for the Official Program

We reserve the first right to announce the Official Program. All those associated with the film selected shall in no case, prior to the official announcement made by us, publicly announce directly or indirectly and confirm that the film is part of the Official Program.

If a film has not been selected, we will inform the submitter by letter prior to the announcement of the Official Program. However, it is our policy not to provide any feedback, comments or reasons for films that are not selected.

Once a film is selected and confirmed, the submitter will not be able to withdraw the film or change the Premiere status of the film at any given time before it is screened at SHIFF.

Selected films will be screened up to two times to SHIFF’s public audiences. At the discretion of SHIFF, the film prior to SHIFF’s public festival screenings may receive additional screenings one for the accredited press and one for the jury amounting to a possible 4 screenings in total.

SHIFF will at its sole discretion decide on the dates and order of the screening(s) of each film.

Selected films should be submitted with a high resolution copy of the trailer used for promotional purposes. We shall be entitled, without giving prior notice, to use the trailer online and on broadcast TV for periods of time to be solely decided by SHIFF.

The exhibition copy of the film must be received in good condition and we reserve the right to refuse exhibition copies if not in good condition and to request the submitter to re-submit a new copy. In the event that the submitter fails to submit an exhibition copy suitable for screening and in good condition, then we reserve the right to cancel the selection of the film without any liability whatsoever.

In the event that the submitter is found to be in violation of any condition of the Rules and Regulations, we, at our sole discretion, may choose to cancel and eliminate such film from the Official Program without any liability whatsoever.

It is our general policy to screen all films in their original language with English subtitles for non-English language films.

The final exhibition copy of the film can only be submitted in one of the following formats, sent as a hard drive or via online transfer service.

o Movie files: Apple pro res LT, Apple pro res HQ, Apple pro res 422, H264
o 1920x1080 or 1280x720, PAL, audio: 48 khz 16 bit Stereo


Feature Film -
Any narrative work of fiction of international origin with a running time of 50 minutes or more, including films that are shot in a „mockumentary” style. In order to qualify as a Feature Film, the submitted project must be either scripted or improvisational fiction.

Short Film -
The nomination is not restricted to any genre or technique. One filmmaker may nominate only one production. The nominated work may be up to 35 minutes.

Documentary -
Productions with elements characteristic of the documentary genre. These include: films presenting the reality, the social, economic life etc. If a series is nominated, only 2 episodes may be nominated. One filmmaker may nominate only one production. The nominated work may be up to 50 minutes.

Overall Rating
  • Elisabeth Silveiro

    My first time in Hungary. It was a great experience ! Loved this festival and his hospitality !

    September 2018