SRFF wants to provide access to unique locations around Longmont and challenge filmmakers only from Colorado to create a 7 minute short film including credits with a script of their choice.

Filmmakers will be asked to use one location as their opening scene in order to qualify for the challenge. Creatives must sign up to our email list (on our website) to receive a download link for the Setrecce app in order to search for locations on May 1st. In order to learn more about SRFF or to submit a film challengers can visit For more information!

1st Place Winner "Judge's Favorite Award" $500 + SRFF Award NFT. Judged by 2013 Oscar Nominee "PES"

2nd place winner "Best use of locations Award" $300 + SRFF Award NFT.

3rd Place Winner "Audience's Choice Award" Local Restaurant Gift cards + SRFF award NFT.

"The award NFT's will be unique to SRFF and will be presented on the day of the festival."

All participant must be from Colorado and agree to:
-Use the Setrecce app in order to schedule a shoot at least two days ahead of time. Link to download the app will be on our website.
-Be respectful of all the properties being provided and their staff and clients.
-Understand that they can only use one location per film and it must be used in the opening scene of their film.
-Leave locations the way you found them or better!
-Understand that there are films that might be denied by certain location owners depending on their synopsis or schedule flexibility.
-Understand that they must have proof of insurance in order to use certain locations on the Setrecce app.
-Some locations are more restrictive than other and the information will be found in the Setrecce app.