The primary objective of the Festival is to attract audiences society from around the world to come to Senseindia International Film festival to watch quality
films that emphasize human rights and social issues.

Also an objective is to ensure that the international film directors attend the
festival and participate in discussions about their work and about the art of
filmmaking, and that they are given the opportunity to see what the region has to
offer, in the hope that they will return to make films there.
As well as to provide a sustainable long-term association with film community events in world cinema that enjoys significant local community involvement.
To encourage local people and international visitors who attend
the festival to engage in the creative film-making process by participating in
seminars, events, and workshops running in parallel to the festival screenings.
Festival aims to provide high-quality entertainment (music, international
cuisine, family events)

1.Golden Bodhisattava - For Best Film Director Rs.1,00,000/-
2 Golden Padmapani - Best Script Writer -Rs.1,00,000/-

3.Golden Vjrapani + For Producer Rs.1,00,000

Best Documentary film (Upto 40 mins.)1.Director2.Producer
Golden Conch + Rs.3,00,000

Golden Conch + Rs.2,00,000

Best Short Fiction film(Up to 40 mins.)1.Director2.Producer

Best Animation Film1.Director2.Producer
CHITRAPANI + Rs.30000/-

CHITRAPANI + Rs.2,00,00
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Cinematography
Best Production Design
Best Editing
Best Background Score
Best Sound Design
Best Graphics
Best Screenplay
Best Character Artis
Best Film Poster
Best Writings on Cinema

Senseindia Padmapani International Film Festival Rules and Regulations

1. Sections

a) International Competition

b) National Competition

c) Animation

d) New Media

f) Retrospectives / Special Packages
g) Director's Sense - Non Competition
g) Marketing

2. Who Can Apply?

a) International Competition – Only films made in India and abroad, between 1st September, 2018 to 9th April 2022

b) National Competition : Only films made in India by an Indian citizen between 1st September, 2018 to 9th April 2022

c) Animation : Only films made in India by Indian citizen between 1st Sept 2018 to 9th April 2022

3. How to Apply?

a) Online Entry : Form SPIFF16 is available on website

b) Procedure : An applicant has to fill the required fields and upload the bio-data, photographs, filmography, etc. and also provide the details of entry fee paid electronically.

c) Entry Fee : The entry fee is non refundable.

i) For Indian filmmaker Regular Entry Fee Short Films – Rs.350/- & Late Fee – Rs. 1000/- Final Deadline 1500/-

ii) For foreign filmmakers Regular Entry Fee – US$90 Late Fee –US $ 130
Final deadline -US$180

iii) For Indian filmmaker Regular Entry Fee Feature Films – Rs.1500/- & Late Fee – Rs. 3000/- Final Deadline Rs.5500/-

ii) For foreign filmmakers Regular Feature Film Entry Fee – US$120 Late Fee – US $ 160 Final Deadline US$ 199

d) Entrants are required to submit screener links of Promos, Trailers and a containing Directors Photograph, Bio-data, Filmography, Synopsis of the film, Stills of the Film, Posters, Pamphlets,

e) If the language of the film is other than English, it should be subtitled or dubbed in English.

f) Director’s Debut Film: Entry for the film in the Director’s Debut Film Category should be submitted along with a certificate by the Applicant that the film is a debut film of a Director failing which film will not be treated as a Director’s Debut Film. If the Director has made, at an earlier date, any other film (feature, short, documentary or animation film, except a student film as a part of a curriculum), he shall not be eligible for this award.

g) Student’s Film: Entry for the film in Students Film Category should be submitted along with a Certificate from Institute / School concerned, failing which film will not be treated as a student film.

h) Director's Sense: Non – Competition Section: Entry in MIFF Prism i.e. Non – Competition Section (International / National) Section: – Films that could not find a place in the Competition Section may be screened in this section on the recommendations of the Selection Committee.