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Senigo is the urgency to tell what we are experiencing at a global level, it is the urgency to express oneself in order to communicate to others; it is the need to still feel part of that whole that lives outside the windows of our houses.
Senigo is “deprivation, lack” in Esperanto, a language that is intended to be universal without erasing particular differences. A title in Esperanto because pan-demia has affected the whole planet regardless of particular differences (social class, nationality, political or sexual orientation).
Senigo emphasizes the being we inhabit: Homo sapiens is above all a social animal. Taking away from man his sociality means depriving him of his habitus, of his way of being in the world.
And so Senigo tells of a body, not folded in on itself with a solipsistic attitude, but of a body as an organism that projects itself out, towards the world; which receives from the world and changes the world. A body that, at the same time, adapts itself to the social context in which it has descended: to the works of that society, to its social structures, to its culture and to the people it meets. The body is drawn, modified, transcribed.
So what is the space in which our body finds itself now, in a time that imposes social distancing on us? It is a space characterized by the absence of the sociality that characterizes and identifies us (and that makes us feel good), it is a space where shared senses and the spontaneity of gestures and words are lacking. In times like these we realize that we can experience the space of solitude or isolation (in these cases, "trustee") only because we are originally in relationship with others. Heideggerianly we can affirm that, if we can divide, distance ourselves, isolate ourselves, it is because we are originally united: if we were not structured for relationship and sharing, we could not even feel the lack of the other.
And so we feel deprived of something that we possess by our nature.
The pandemic has washed away the colors and shapes that we used to live, to exchange with others; it has stripped us and forced us to live in a space where we are afraid of losing ourselves too.
We therefore live in a time of waiting, suspended until the moment arrives when our ego can once again reach out to others and get back into possession of what we have been deprived of.
Although probably in a different form.

by Arianna Pinto and Fabio Francesco Barletta

  • Fabio Francesco Barletta
  • Arianna Pinto
  • Arianna Pinto
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    Animation, Experimental, Short
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  • Runtime:
    1 minute 18 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    December 20, 2020
  • Production Budget:
    11 EUR
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  • Language:
    No Dialogue
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Director Biography - Fabio Francesco Barletta

Hi, my name is Fabio Francesco Barletta, I live in Castellana Grotte (Bari, Italy) and I'm an independent video maker.
I studied directing and video editing at the art institute 'L.Russo' in Monopoli (Bari, Italy).
My path led me to specialize in the creation and realization of music videos (I am a lover of good music, I really listen to a lot of it), but at the same time I try to always experiment with new techniques in my videos, to grow professionally and also to satisfy my curiosity.
I love Svankmajer and Kubrick.

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