The Seminole Film Festival was founded to bring the art of film to the city of Sanford in Florida and the students of Seminole High School. It is a unique type of film festival created by filmmakers, for filmmakers. We are interested in showcasing YOU and bringing YOUR talent to an audience. SFF is the perfect opportunity for filmmakers to showcase their talents and hard work in a competition that's open to filmmakers of all ages and backgrounds, whether you have just finished creating your first film or have been in the industry for many years.

We would like to bring audiences to films that have stories that deserve to be told. Whether it's comedy, documentary, action, experimental, or any other genre (provided that it is PG-13 appropriate), we would love to consider your short film for our festival. Our festival team is dedicated to selecting the highest-quality films for screening through a comprehensive evaluation process.

This event is sponsored by Seminole High School TV Production. Our ultimate goal is to unite a diverse group of filmmakers who share an interest for visual storytelling for two days of networking, discussing, and appreciating the art of filmmaking. We invite you to come meet new people, watch films, and make connections.

If you have a question, please don't hesitate to email us. We will get back to you as soon as humanly possible. We look forward to watching your film and considering it as part of our event.

Q: How long can my film be?
A: Your film must be less than ten minutes, excluding credits, for it to be considered in our festival.

Q: Can I get a waiver for my submission?
A: Unfortunately, we do not offer waivers. We offer an early bird deadline, prior to which it is free to submit.

Q: Can I submit more than one film?
A: Yes, you can submit as many films as you would like.

Q: How are films evaluated?
A: First, we determine if the film is appropriate for the festival. If there is strong language, graphic violence, nudity, or excessive substance use, the film is automatically disqualified. We also disqualify films if they are in a different language and do not include English subtitles. We primarily judge films based on story and quality.



1. Film submissions may only be a maximum ornate 10 minutes in length, excluding credits.

2. Any content that could not be deemed school appropriate is cause for immediate disqualification. Such content includes, but is not it limited to:

- Graphic/disturbing violence
- Nudity
- Strong language
- Excessive substance use

3. Any films submitted in another language must have English subtitles to be considered.

4. If you are selected for screening, you are consenting to your film being used as promotional material.

5. Withdrawals from the festival will not be refunded.

6. A comprehensive review process is used in the evaluation of all films submitted to the festival. All festival picks are final and non-negotiable.