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Logline : A middle-aged man is captured and forced to decide between saving 20 children or his own wife, all within only 5 minutes, manipulated by a mysterious and sadistic figure.

Liam awakens beside a railroad track with a railroad switch (a device that determines which track a train will take) and is freaked out by the desolate surroundings. He desperately calls out for help but nobody responds. A masked figure named Mask Man appears on a nearby screen and force him to make a choice between saving 20 children or his own wife, by using a railroad switch, all within just 5 minutes. If he leaves the lever as it is, the children will be saved, but if he pulls it, he can save his wife.

As the timer counts down, Liam begs Mask Man to stop, but Mask Man insists that the choice is inevitable. Caught in panic, Liam wastes his time and finally he can’t decide who to save within 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, in another location, a terrified 17-year-old girl named Erica watches this horrifying events through her computer monitor. Erica is faced with a similar choice: she must decide between saving Liam or a group of innocent high school girls.

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    Short Script
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    United Kingdom
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Writer Biography - SEHYUN LIM

SEHYUN LIM is a rookie writer and CEO of a film production company called ZERO-BASE. He won several writing competitions during his school days, and his writing’s sensitivity and creativity have always been highly praised. Furthermore, he is also concerned about the direction in which the film industry should progress in Web 3.0 era and engaged in NFT creation.
He is currently studying “ International Foundation in Humanities and Social Sciences (UOM)/ BA Drama and Film Studies” in Into Manchester. He was born on 24/08/2003, in South Korea and is currently residing in Prague, Czech Republic.

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Writer Statement

"Selection" is a psychological thriller screenplay which makes people think the depths of human morality and the painful choices one has to make in extreme situations. It handles the inner conflicts and ethical dilemmas faced by the main characters, Liam and Erica, as they are drawn into a cruel game manipulated by a mysterious and sadistic stranger, Mask Man.
Life is a series of choices. The two railroad tracks are a metaphor for the choices we must make in life and we have to make any choice within the limited time like Liam and Erica.
"Selection" covers the concept of moral relativism. The question about the relative worth of one life over another is considered in this story. It forces not only the characters but also the audience to confront uncomfortable moral dilemma. Moreover, It is not just about life and death but also about the choices we make and the consequences that influence on our lives and the lives of those around us .