See you Tomorrow -final

Alex, 56 years old man, live a strong love relationship, but only in his head, the lady he is in love with likes him but doesn’t want to hurt him by saying no every time he asks her out. he lives on the hope that she might come. but she never come. alex continue to prepare to meet her, thinking she will come the following day

  • Mona Doutabaa
  • hashim alefari
  • Mona Doutabaa
  • leo blais
    Key Cast
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  • Runtime:
    3 minutes 55 seconds
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Mona Doutabaa

Mona Doutabaa is a Canadian Filmmaker who was born in morocco in 1967.
at age of 19, she joined the moroccan airline which allowed her to travel a lot.
She discovered Canada for the first time in 1989.

She got married to a Canadian and settled down, gave birth to a daughter and two sons, and left her ambitions and studies until they grew up.

After a long and rich experience in the travel industry, she decided to change carrier and joined the Montreal Radio and Television institute in 2010 to study journalism and Broadcasting.

She conducted numerous interviews in Canada with Arab personalities and celebrities in Montreal.

She produced the program “Arabs in North America”

mona doutabaa speaks perfect French and English, but she never forgot her mother tongue which is arabic. she traveled to the United Arab Emirates and from there the launch began .. she did an exploratory tour about linguistic cultures starting from the Gulf states and all neighbouring Arab countries: Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan,

Because of her coverage of the International Film Festivals and cinema conferences, she became a great deal of friction between her and the Arab countries, which gave her the positive energy about learning the Arabic language, the diversity of cultures among others, and the development and strengthening of relations.

she decided to deepen her knowledge in the News broadcasting presentation by completing a course and obtaining a certificate at the reporters institute in Dubai in Arabic

She hosted the first edition of the Arab Summit for Sport Management and participated in the second session of the Arab Women’s Summit in the UAE in 2015.

she participated in the Gulf series “The Heart of Justice” in Abu Dhabi in 2016

She joined Yorkville University, faculty of Toronto Film School in the production and directing program.

She also studied mindfulness at the Institute for Global Transformation in the United States of America, and obtained several certificates in Mindfulness and Goal Success.

mona doutabaa produced and directed her first short film “See you Tomorrow” and completed filming the documentary on inheritance.

upcoming projects :

* short film Portrait, with the actor and director Ali Reysan (from Sweden)
* featured film The Roundabout, with several names from canada, morocco and gulf
* fashionista, short film (in progress)
* the pacha grand-daughter 90 minutes film (script)
* two lives, two dreams ( script)

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