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See My Voice (Russian Subtitles)

Every song has a story....
Annie feels a deep connection with music, as she has since she was a little girl. However, life events forced her to give up on her dream. Only a mystery woman on the edge of life and death can help her. But will this mystery woman be able to help bring back Annie’s dream or has Annie's fear grown bigger than her faith?

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    18 minutes 32 seconds
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Director Biography

Idelia is a Writer, Singer, Songwriter and Actress. She is an International Music talent in the genres of Pop, Electronic, Dance and R&B. She has an ability to sing in three languages: English, Russian and Tatar. She is also becoming fluent in Spanish so one day she can sing in Spanish as well.

Born Ideliya Makarova, in the capital city of Kazan of the exotic Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. She grew up in a Tatar family surrounded with the love of music. Her father was a popular, classical music composer. He fondly stated, “As a child, Idelia loved performing for guests and writing beautiful poems. She felt a soulful connection to creativity from a very young age especially music .” Her father passed away on March 16th 2016.
Her mother made a contribution to the development of the Tatar Encyclopedia. But when she was younger she wanted to be a singer , because she has a great soprano voice. Both sides of Idelia’s Family are full of creative people. Her uncle from her mother’s side is also a very famous compose r and singer in the Tatar Music World.
Idelia’s television career began as early as the second grade. When she was cast by the producer of a theatrical television show for children. Later as a teenager Idelia was selected to host the Tatar Television Youth Program called “Yashlar Tuktalyshy” (“Youth stop”) and she revolutionized the program with a new freestyle format. She also, participated in music, choreography and acting classes. It was during this period of time, that Idelia realized she had something to share and she decided to follow her inspiration to pursue a career in music and entertainment.
Recently Idelia made her Directorial debut with “See My Voice”. This film she wrote based off of her inspiring original song “My Voice” about the inner voice. Creative writing always being her biggest passion, but in this case she truly desired to work on a project that would combine her talents, as a writer and a singer. This is how “See My Voice” was born. She made this film to the memory of her father.
In the future Idelia is planning to write a script for her first feature film in Fantasy genre to bring a new message to Humanity.

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Director Statement

“My to make you hear, to make you feel - and, above all, to make you see. That is all, and it is everything.” (Joseph Conrad)
This all started when I discovered my love for emotions. I love when people express different emotions and I want to make people experience them. I want to make people laugh, make them cry, make them think. I want to make people FEEL. That is what I want to do in this life.
Ever since I was a kid, my imagination has been my strength. I wanted to create stories that people can relate to and sympathize with the characters. I could use my talent for Music and Writing for that purpose. I realized that this would be my contribution to humanity and my destiny.
I am just as much a writer as I am a singer. I write my songs. My songs are my stories. This is my language to communicate with this World. Before writing the screenplay for my film, my desire was to combine all of my abilities into one place. I wanted to breathe life to my vision by utilizing the music that I love to write to tell a story that I felt passionate about. This is how the idea for the film came about. To create a story from my song. The song that I wrote was titled “My Voice”. I wrote that song about the inner voice to inspire people knowing that someday I would make a film about it. Eventually it happened because I felt so inspired, motivated and eager to deliver my message. I made this film to the memory of my father who passed away in 2016. The message is the most important part of any project that I work on.
I want to give others hope and inspiration. I truly believe that we all have a power (light) inside of us. In our life, fear and negativity can be present and we are the only ones who can control it because in our heart, we know that we are part of the something bigger and more powerful. There is always better version of us and we should always seek that within ourselves.
We have to face our fear, look right into its eyes - and we will overcome it! 
 Everyone will be able to relate to this film because inside we are all the same regardless of belief system, nationality, gender etc etc. We all have the light. All we have to do, is find who we are and to believe in ourselves.