Selected films will screen in Secrets of the Dead at Cinema Film Noir in Brooklyn (NYC), a converted funeral parlor, around Halloween 2022. There may also be additional screenings in NYC, Berlin, and/or Los Angeles. (Hard to predict things nowadays.)

As this is our 10th year, we are planning to have a VERY SPECIAL event !


The greatest mystery of our existence is the nature of death. It thus looms as both a certainty and a profound unknown, framing our every deed. If, somehow, we can fully understand what death actually is, we can better understand life in light of whatever meaning it may have. Unfortunately, the scientific community, has not (yet?) developed a technique for effectively peering behind this mortal coil. Fortunately for us seekers-of-the-Truth there is CINEMA, which dares traverse dangerous and otherwise un-chartered realms.

Submit of your own volition.

"It’s a fun night out and a chance to see some truly underground cinema that normally goes unnoticed. Wengrofsky’s personality only adds to the enjoyment as he enthusiastically introduces each film from the center of the audience." - Chuck Foster, Film Threat,

"Experience the Life of Dreams." Graham Fuller, The Culture Trip:

The Secrets Film Festival is an annual event in NYC and California featuring short films centered around a common theme. Over the past nine years, the Secrets film series have explored insects, love, dreams, death, outer space, inner space, the horrors of politics, and the intoxicated life. The festival has screened in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Baltimore, Washington (DC), Los Angeles, Lexington (KY), and at the Berkeley Video and Film Festival in 2018 and 2019. This program is likely to be shown in multiple locations.

Secrets of the Dead Film Festival (NYC) seeks directors who choose death. This is an OPEN CALL for films concerning DEATH in ANY genre: narrative (vampire and zombie films are welcome), documentary, music video, or animation. Films can be old or new, so send us what you have without regard to date of completion. We watch each film and judge them solely on the basis of their merit - not on the identity of the director or the cast. More than one film can be submitted, though fees for each film will be calculated.

Submission to the festival requires agreement to the following terms:

1. Film submitter has full legal rights over the presentation of the film.
2. Once submitted, the film can not be withdrawn from consideration.
3. Film can be of any age - does NOT need to be a new release.
4. Film can be of any geographic origin.
4. Film submitter agrees to having the film screened at Secrets of the Dead from this point forward.

Overall Rating
  • I was honored to have one of my films be a part of this festival! Though I wasn't able to attend, it seems like everyone had a great time- I would have loved to be a part of it! Communication with the festival director was excellent, and I am happy to have had the networking opportunity. Looking forward to next year!

    November 2021
    Response from festival:

    THANKS !

  • Gigi Burgdorf

    This was a really special festival. Wonderful host, a great mix of films and even a live band. The selected films were really strong and I was proud to have my film screen alongside them! It was also great to take part in the post-screening Q&A and to meet the talented (and fun!) filmmakers. And all in a lovely cinema with a very receptive audience. Very pleased to have been part of this!

    November 2021
    Response from festival:

    THANKS !!

  • The Curator/Master of Ceremonies/Funeral Director, Jeffrey was a treat and a splendid host. The selections were fun and I was honored to be among them. The venue is a really neat, intimate theatre in a great part of Brooklyn. The festival along with the after and in-between parties made for a fantastic weekend in one of my favorite cities. I made some great friends and some wonderful memories.

    November 2021
    Response from festival:

    THANKS !!