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Politics is a field of perverse humor, infinite intrigue, and waking terror.

Seeking sick and cynical cinema! Dystopias welcome !

SECRET TREATIES: STRANGE POLITICAL BEDFELLOWS is a short film festival that will turn back the blankets to reveal the squishy underbelly of politics.

SECRET TREATIES is a cynical festival dedicated to RIDICULING politics, politicians, activists, media pundits, just causes, wars to end all wars, and true believers. We are seeking degenerate cinema! Dystopias welcome ! The future will suck ! What can go wrogn? Politically INCORRECT films are welcome !

Unlike many other festivals, Secret Treaties does not care about the identity of the filmmaker, the crew, or the cast. We don't care which country the film is made in or even when it premiered. We are only concerned with how messed up your short film is (less than 20 minutes). This is a truly OPEN CALL !

The Secrets Film Festival is an annual event in NYC and California featuring short films centered around a common theme. Over the past eight years, the Secrets film series has explored these themes: outer space, inner space, insects, love, dreams, death, and the intoxicated life. Secrets festivals have screened in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Baltimore, DC, Los Angeles, Kentucky, and at the Berkeley Video and Film Festival 2018 and 2019. Last year's festival - Secrets of Inner Space - screened twice in New York City, is set for Los Angeles later in 2021, and is in negotiations to screen in Berlin later that year.

Film Threat on the Secrets series:

As featured in The Culture Trip:

And in Cold Lips Magazine from England:

While Secrets festivals do not offer awards or prizes, it's programs are shown coast-to-coast. SECRET TREATIES will premiere at Film Noir Cinema in Brooklyn in the spring of 2021 and will (hopefully) later screen in Los Angeles. As the world is a mess, things are (sadly) uncertain.

Previous festivals have also screened at: the Berkeley Video and Film Festival, Film Noir Cinema in Brooklyn, the Gene Frankel Theater in Manhattan, the 21C Museum-Hotel in Lexington (KY), The Reverb in Baltimore, The Ark Theater in North Hollywood, The Sunview Luncheonette in Brooklyn, and The Lookout in Washington, DC.

Secret TREATIES: Strange Political Bedfellows is seeking short films (less than 20 minutes) of any genre (narrative, documentary, experimental, music video, animation) shot anytime and anywhere that reveal politics to be a disgusting pursuit.


1. submit your film via streaming (vimeo, etc).
2. films must be password protected and otherwise unavailable on the internet.
3. you must hold all rights to the film.
4. we keep all copies of films password protected and shown only at screenings of Secret Treaties.
5. Entry fees are non-refundable.

Overall Rating
  • Honored to have screened at such a diverse program. The curation was spectacular and the event was sold out! Great promotion and attention to detail. Thank you Jeffrey!

    February 2020
  • Tosh Leykum

    A very good little festival by filmmakers for filmmakers. It was a very nice event. I am happy that I was allowed to be there.

    February 2020
  • John Celona

    So proud to have my film Come Sweet Earth 1234 screened at this year's Secrets of Outer Space. Jeff is a sensational organizer and I respect his efforts to bring a unique cinematic and narrative vision to New York, Brookyln and Berkeley. The networking is terrific and many of us met one another through the excellent FB page dedicated to this festival. Very thankful for all! Thanks!

    February 2019
  • Elizabeth Tabish

    Had a great time at this event, it was intimate, easy going and had a cool underground vibe to it. I've been consistently amazed and grateful for the continued work that Jeffrey does throughout the year to promote and screen the films at other venues and cities. Such a good community.

    October 2018
  • Stephen Rutterford

    Fun festival. Great camaraderie. Very New York.

    March 2018