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Second chances

The hustle and bustle of New York City, the Big Apple. In an old run-down warehouse, Mark realizes something isn't right. He awakens in darkness and ponders as to where he is, and why? Mark wants to be reunited with his family, but will learn that that is not as easy as it seems. With the help of his friend Paul, he will have to travel through the streets of New York City to find his way home. Along the way Mark will learn a valuable lesson in life, appreciating what you have while it's there.

A man is struggling through what he believes is the afterlife. After learning of his life's mistakes he was eager to make up for lost time. His journey takes him through ups and downs, and lessons on love, life and friendship. He discovers the true meaning of life through great sacrifice. Will he ever be able to make things right? Or will it be too late? His love depends on it.

  • Gina L Falke
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Gina L Falke

I'm an entrepreneur of many things and I use that phrase very often because I have created quite a number of things. I am an author, I am a script writer / screenplay writer, and I am an inventor.

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I wrote this movie on a tablet at night. It was such an interesting topic for me to cover that I could not stop writing. This is much like my present hobby of author as I have begun at pentalogy vampire series with the first novel coming out very soon, I have written in draft form four of the five presently. As for my invention it is a child's product but can be used for persons with disabilities as well as adults that are elderly. You may find many of my creations on my website at