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Second Chance

Our past defines us. The paths we have traveled and decisions we have made have molded each and every one of us. What if some of those decisions were wrong? What if choices that we have made in our past have sent us down the wrong path in life or have us living with regret? In Second Chance, viewers can experience the challenge that one person per week will face as they are confronted with a “do over”.

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Writer Biography - Russell Blatt

Russ Blatt has lived a good life. He has changed jobs, including taking a job of a lifetime. He has had medical issues, including open heart surgery. He had a failed marriage, just to rebound to fall in love again and have beautiful twins.

His life has been about rebounding. Knowing that there is a better life and better choices has pushed Russ to be a better person, inspiring others and wanting to be someone to reach out and help others. That continues here, with Second Chance.

Russ enjoys vacations, time with his family and Obstacle Course Racing.

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Writer Statement

Everyone deserves a Second Chance. We have all made mistakes and we all have regret. What do you do about it? Do you sit back and wonder, "What if"? There are no more questions, there is now a Second Chance,