The Shenandoah Film Collaborative is teaming up with the Family Drive-In Theatre in Stephen City, Virginia, to raise funds for charity and give short filmmakers exposure on the REALLY big screen. This is our next call for films in our Seasonal Film Series – Outdoor edition, where selected shorts will have their films shown on the Family Drive-In Theatre screen before the main feature.

NOTE: Even though the date says November, we'll be screening and selecting films as they roll in.

The short film has to be no longer than seven minutes.

Selected films will have the opportunity for their film to be featured for up to a week. But more importantly, your entry fee will go to support various charities. This is an excellent way for your film to get exposure and to help out notable causes.

We will be judging films, and the one that scores the highest will get a trophy sent to them, while also being deemed the winner of the 2020 Seasonal Film Series. Our town was founded on the basis of pottery, so we are thinking of giving the winner a unique pot that resembles what was made when our town was founded in 1761.

We want to be upfront with our rules, and we are putting this information here because we’ve found some people to be dishonest in their submission practices. Submitting to our call for entries means that you fully understand and agree to our rules and terms.

There are no refunds.

By submitting your film, you have up until the close of our submission date to withdraw your film.

After that, you will be required to give us a high-resolution digital copy of your film, if we decide to use your film. Now, let’s say that you are a filmmaker, it’s after our stated submission date and you get signed by a distribution company.

First, congratulations, we are truly happy for you and if this distributor requires a screening fee, then we truly understand and you will need to email us at and depending on how close it is to our film festival, we are happy to release you from consideration.

We want to work with you and for you to be successful.

But understand this, we will not pay a screening fee under any considerations. Our goal is to raise funds for charity.

Our film series strives to present the most interesting and thought-provoking films. We seek out films that both entertain audiences and challenge them to widen their perspectives.

Submissions can only be made online at

1. Organization

The Seasonal Film Series is our brand name for film events that are shown outside of our International Strasburg Film Festival. The Shenandoah Film Collaborative is 501 (3) c.

This is an all-volunteer organization, and any funds that are donated or raised is given back into programming or to our charity of focus, which is explained further on down.

We decided to use the word “Collaborative” in our organization name because it embodies what we aim to achieve – for us to become successful we need multiple parties to work together for producing an excellent product.

We want to show the next generation that there are many ways of expressing one’s interests.

Our organization serves anywhere in the Shenandoah Valley.

2. Mission

We have three areas of focus: 

1) Offer opportunities to experience the wonders of film that cannot be found from Hollywood. 

2) Raise funds and awareness for the Shenandoah County Public School System where the money would be used for theater/drama-related programming. 

3) Develop programming that is beneficial for the development of filmmakers and community members.

We use our extensive movie catalog and connections with filmmakers to:

- Increase economic development for businesses

- Raise funds for non-profits or civic organizations

- Enhance educational curriculum for entities that have expressed an academic interest in filmmaking.

In early November we host the International Strasburg Film Festival. This is an annual event within the town of Strasburg, VA, that encourages filmmakers to submit their works of art so that all people will have an opportunity to enjoy their creativity. When we mean “all”, we achieve this by keeping ticket costs low or offering free tickets to families who are on a tight budget.

3. Notification of Series Status

The Organization will inform all entrants whether their submissions have been accepted or not through FilmFreeway.

4. Entry Fee

Each film submitted will have to pay a $7 entry fee that will go to various charities.

5. Charities

The following charities will receive funds raised:

- Response (domestic violence shelter)

Family Promise of Shenandoah County (Transforming the lives of homeless families.)


The NAACP's Legal Defense and Educational Fund

Shenandoah County School District Theater Education Programs

Art on Wheels - Richmond, VA

6. Eligibility

• The Series accepts submissions that are no longer than 7 minutes in length.

• The film must be appropriate for ages 10 and up.

• All films whose original language is something other than English must be subtitled or dubbed into English.

7. Selection Criteria

• The action of the film should be stories that are culturally authentic, timely, and of universal appeal.

• Film content should be creative, highly original, and demonstrate artistic and technical mastery.

Content must not include:

• Excessive or gratuitous violence, nudity, or profanity as we will be showing these films in an outdoor setting.

• Content that advocates and supports racial, cultural, religious, or gender bias.

8. Formats and Print Traffic

Upon acceptance into our Film Series, your film needs to be handed over to us in DCP format. If you are unable to send us your film in DCP we will use to create it and we are not held responsible for its output.

9. Acceptance

Acceptance is determined by several citizens.

10. Correspondence

All correspondence to the Shenandoah Film Collaborative management, including entry forms and support materials, must be in the English language.

11. Rulings

The Festival/Event Committee and Shenandoah Film Collaborative Board of Directors reserve the right to rule on cases not covered by these regulations.

12. Fees

Screening fees will NOT be paid by the Shenandoah Film Collaborative for usage. If selected to screen in the festival, the filmmaker grants the Shenandoah Film Collaborative the right to screen the film, even if they withdraw. They agree to follow all rules when they submit.

Overall Rating
  • Carolyn Lewis

    Thank you for including my film, "From Twilight til Dawn." I wish I could have been there to see the other films as well!

    December 2018
  • Andre Campbell

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful... can't wait for next year!

    November 2018
  • Christoph Brehme

    Very nice festival!!! The contact was very kind, hope that I can show other films there soon....

    November 2018
  • Jason Seelmann

    Great communication and very supportive staff. Definitely keeping them on my radar for my next film.

    November 2018
  • Wonderful to be selected with my Music Video - "Love Falls Softly"! Thank You!

    November 2018