Sean Hunt is a happily married, award-winning American film and television director and producer who graduated from Webster University in St. Louis in 2011 with over 50 film projects already under his belt. For Sean and his Producer wife Kylie Hunt the film industry is not a hobby - It is a passion.
Hunt has received film nominations and awards at film fests that include but not limited to: Bare Bones, MSSU, BIFF, and Dreams Come True Film Festival.
Hunt's latest film releases were award-winning "The Swing Set" produced in 2011 and "The White Rider" which was re-released in 2023. An original streaming series continues the story of the White Rider.
It is clear Hunt is determined to succeed as an Independent film and television producer with NO profanity, illicit material or indecent proposals. Hunt desires to achieve developing compelling and gripping Christian content geared towards family audiences using mixed media techniques of proven methodology to deliver upscale quality entertainment.
Webster University
Film Production
Birth Date
April 17, 1987
Married To
Kylie Hunt
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