Welcome to year 2 of Scriptamation!

Scriptamation is a short screenplay and scene contest with a very unique element - the winning screenplays and scenes will be voice recorded by actors and turned into a produced 3-D CG animation. If your screenplay wins and is chosen to be animated, you will own all of the rights to the finished product and are free to do whatever you want with it.

Scriptamation's team have worked as Screenwriters, Story Editors and other Production Staff for Paramount Pictures, Sony, The Hub Network, and Cartoon Network to name a few.

1st Place - The Grand Prize Winner - Entire screenplay will be voice recorded and turned into an animated short.

2nd Place - A Scene from your screenplay will be voice recorded and turned into an animated scene.

3rd Place - A Scene from your screenplay will be voice recorded and turned into an animated scene.

All Finalists will receive a Digital Certificate via email.

All Finalists, Semi-Finalists, and Winners will be listed on our website.

Only the Grand Prize Winner will have their entire screenplay animated.

Only 1st place - 3rd place screenplay of each category listed under, will have a scene from their screenplay animated. (chosen by Scriptamation)

Rules & Terms

Please read all rules and regulations before submitting your screenplay.

The competition is open to any writer, 18 or older. Entering the competition constitutes permission to use the winners names and likenesses for publicity and promotions without any compensation. We reserve the right to publicize and promote any and all progress, development and success of the entered screenplays.

Multiple Entries are accepted.

Multiple authorship is acceptable. If the screenplay wins an award, one award will be given to the winning writers. (Additional awards will be made available for purchase)

Screenplays must be the original work of the author.

Scriptamation recommends registering your screenplay with the Writers Guild of America or the Library of Congress.

Screenplays must be in English.

No Cash Awards will be given. The total prize value is based on the cost of Scriptamation to produce the animated screenplays, and scenes.

Overall Rating
  • George Petersen

    A truly unique prize. It took a while, but then animation has so many elements. Bottom line: it was worth the wait. It's so refreshing to see one's words brought to life in a visual way. To see one's words jump off the page and become something else with actors and animators. To say nothing of its potential as a marketing tool.

    January 2017
  • Steven Canfield Crowley

    I was a winner for their 1st festival and I never saw or heard back from them after winning. As a winner I was supposed to see them make an animation of my short screenplay..but it didn't happen. I contacted them and never heard anything..don't waste your money!!

    May 2016
  • I hope that the festival will progress year to year.

    May 2016