The Great Movie and TV Show Idea contests are searching for original feature film and television series concepts. Ideally, unique stories a global, diverse audience can connect with. Any genre, studio-level or indie, is accepted. Completed scripts are not reviewed, nor are entrants required to have a screenplay or pilot, as we help develop the selected pitches.

Each of the two divisions, Movie and TV, select one Grand Prize Winner and one Runner-up.

For the winner, Script Pipeline provides additional, long-term assistance to refine the pitch, or help the writer draft a polished screenplay. Our execs review the project and offer feedback at all stages of development. When the work is ready for circulation, we send the material to specific producers who would be a good match, including partners at Zero Gravity Management (Ozark), Good Fear Film + Management (Mulan), and others looking for relevant, high-concept, marketable films.

All writers retain the rights to their pitch, and development assistance for the winner is entirely optional.

The company’s intensive process, consisting of long-term writer development and widespread circulation of material, gives Script Pipeline writers access to some of the top industry execs worldwide. $7 million in screenplays and pilots have been sold by competition finalists and "Recommend" writers, with several scripts produced since 1999. As of this year, several films and series from Script Pipeline writers are in active development or production, with many due for release in 2020.

- $2,000 (each winner for Movie and TV receives $1,000)

- Extensive development sessions with Script Pipeline to get your concept ready for circulation

- Assistance in completing a screenplay or TV pilot (optional)

- Long-term exposure to producers and other companies for potential development

- Review of additional pitches and material

- Must submit a full story synopsis in addition to a logline. This can range from a page in length to a full treatment--entirely up to you on how to best present your idea. We do not judge on format, we judge on the idea itself. Supplemental materials (illustrations, etc.) are allowed. The best format is usually comprised of a logline, a page-long summary, and any other comments on the originality of the premise.

- Do not send full-length screenplays--summaries ONLY. Pitches may be emailed direct or uploaded.

- Remove your name and contact information from the documents prior to submitting.

- Longer submissions are judged on the same criteria as short ones, so whatever length you think is best.

For video pitches: submit a link to the video after registration through email. We prefer a private link on YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video hosting site, or your personal website. *include the password, if private. Videos can be any length, but shorter is typically better.

General rules:

- Concept MUST be for a feature-length film or TV series.

- Script Pipeline will not share your idea with anyone unless you’re chosen as a winner or runner-up and give us explicit permission to do so.

- Previous Script Pipeline writers and former Great Movie or TV Idea Contest entrants are welcome to submit, but material must not have been previously entered.

- Goes without saying, but the concept needs to be WHOLLY ORIGINAL and not based on an existing franchise.