Our theme for the year is Student Cinema!!!!!!!!!!!! (With a special category).

Our Festival will have a live viewing of all the winners at the Whirled Cinema in London

We are a community of filmmakers and artists who want to come together to experience new and raw talent, we want to see your films so send them in, we also are looking to expand our community and help others create networks, the festival will contain a few talks from new and experienced filmmakers who will introduce themselves, along with all festival winning pieces.

This is our first year running, expect talks from a range of people. The festival will be in a small, cozy cinema with an open bar. We can reserve seats for Artists who have submitted work to the event.

All profits made by us go back to the running costs of the festival and to host next year's festival.

We reserve a place on our website for winners films to be listed with a photo to help promote the works of the artists.

You are also welcomed to use our Film Festival's Laurels on your film.

The winners are invited to make a speech if they wish to attend and do so.

Films submitted to the 2018 Screen Culture International Film Festival must comply with the following;

1. All films must not infringe copyright as all the rights for the footage, music, ex. Any breach of this will result in disqualification of the film and any penalties for misused rights will fall on the filmmakers/submitter and not on any of the film festival employees or volunteers.

2. All films must be original, and sent in the correct format and labelled clearly in order to be accepted into the festival.

3. When you submit your film(s) you are agreeing that 1. this film was made whilst you were or area student please be prepared to send confirmation of this. 2. We may use any and all footage and names from the movie in our festival information and website.

4. Please include English subtitles if your film is not in English.

Final Deadline: 1st of May