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Science Unlimited

New weapons tease wars. If new weapons are in hands of many, wars would lead to redistribution of the territories. If the weapons are in one pair of hands, we call it a superhero case. All comic books end up with unreal transcendental superpowers and tons of luck. What if a new weapon described in this book is real? There is a scientific paper published 50 years ago by a twice noble prize winner who described a new weapon. This book is about an alternative future where this technology was used by a single ambitious man named Greyheir whose mind was poisoned by the power he received. United against Greyheir with a suit that can create spherical lightnings, people lost. He got control over the world and turned it into something unusual.
Senior communism is a political regime where any person who reached a predefined age receives all the goods the world can offer. He and She enter a golden time when they rule the world that works for them and only for them. This social pyramid works because it excludes unfairness; every living person will get everything as soon as they reach a certain age. They are equal and equal to gods. Elders.
The book starts on the island which is not consumed by Senior communism. The main hero, islander Ash Eldim, a grandson of Greyheir, is destined to change the world once again.

  • Mick P
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    Short Script
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    Russian Federation
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Writer - Mick P